Blue Jays @ Red Sox Game 3 (10-2-16)

We need to look forward into the playoffs and try to forget how the Sox ended the season. They lost 5 of their last 6 after winning 11 in a row. Let’s hope they are not at the beginning of a big losing streak, which unfortunately has been their pattern all season. They would win for a while and then go into a losing pattern that got them right back where they started from before the winning began. Let’s hope they can snap out of the recent losing trend and get back to winning once the playoffs begin. There are several reasons I could give that they will probably lose in the first round, but let’s not dwell on them and try to remain positive. After all, we do not really know what is going to happen. Now is not the time for glum predictions.

So, let’s say they are able to beat Cleveland 3 out of 5 and get to the next round. It doesn’t get any easier after that as they will most likely face Texas in the League championship best of 7. So, they have a lot of work to do if they want to make the World Series and if they play up to their potential they can do it. We, as fans, want nothing more than to see that happen.

Still, if they do not go far, it has  been a good season and it has been fun to watch them. They lost a lot of games they should have won, yet they won enough to keep us going through a long season. They had finished in last place in the division for two years in a row, so this season it was good to see them win the division. Even if they do not go further, they have accomplished plenty this season and we can only look forward to good years to come, although they will have to play next year without Big Papi’s bat in the lineup.

Perhaps even without Big Papi they are deep enough to see some good years in the future. With the young players we have, if we can keep them, the future looks quite bright and they should only continue to improve and perhaps fill the gap left by Papi’s absence. So the future looks bright, no matter how the next few weeks play out.

Still, it would be great if they could win it all for Big Papi. In many ways they acted like the season was over during the final 6 games, but we can only hope they will be fired up again to play in the post season. If we can still continue to watch them play until the last week of October, we will get everything we could have hoped for. Someone will step up and provide some offense won’t they? Maybe all of them will step up and play their best baseball. If that happens, no one will be able to beat us.

The future is now and it is time to put up or shut up. Let’s hope the whole team will put up and we will see them play into November with the chance to win it all. We will see what we will see. They are certainly capable of doing it, but will they? It’s time to find out and the fun begins Thursday. We’ll certainly be pulling for them and that is best that we, as fans, can do. There is nothing left to say, but Go Sox!

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