Blue Jays @ Red Sox Game 1 (9-30-16)

The Sox managed to win another after losing 3 straight to the Yankees, no less. I was hoping they wouldn’t go into the playoffs with a losing streak, but it seems they have not been trying too hard since they officially won the division 3 games ago. They did well last night with a 4 run 7th to come from behind and pull the game out. Papi hit a 2 run homer to seal the victory, so he may look sharp as we move forward. Let’s hope the Sox can get back to winning more consistently now, though I was afraid that their 11 game winning streak was them peaking too soon. The streak did win them the division, but let’s hope they have something left for the playoffs. Porcello did not have his best game, but as I say, it seems they are keyed down a bit now that the games don’t matter as much. Let’s hope they can get keyed back up and play well come Thursday when the playoffs begin.

All we can do is wait to see if they can get home field advantage against the Indians. It seems they are out of the running for the home field throughout the AL playoffs, as they are still too far behind Texas to take those honors. Whether they play at home or away, I don’t think it matters much as they have close to the same record for both this season. They should stand a good chance of beating Cleveland, but a lot depends on whether they show up to play or not. Cleveland has a good team and is managed by a former Red Sox manager. That may be the combination that beats the Sox, but let’s hope not.

If the Sox get the pitching they need they should at least advance to the AL Championship series. Then it will be tough to beat Texas as most of the games will be played in Arlington where the Sox have not fared too well. At least it will not be oppressive with mid summer heat, so they may be alright. It will still probably be pretty hot, but let’s hope the Sox won’t be effected too bad. Texas is a good team, too and will be tough to beat. I am not too confident going forward, but if the team plays up to their potential we may make the World Series after all!

At any rate, it will end up a great final season for Papi. He is having ceremonies to celebrate his career at each of the final 3 games of the season and although we hate to see him go since he is doing so well still, he had better retire after all the pomp and circumstance surrounding his retirement. The league has gone so far to honor him in this his final year, he had better not decide to stay on for another. I don’t think he will. He seems ready to retire and in classic Papi fashion wants to go out with a bang and playing well, which is exactly what he will do. He will be sorely missed next year, but we must move on.

Well, let’s just keep plugging along and pulling for our team. The future is now and will reveal itself over the next few weeks. The prognosis is good, but we cannot be too sure what will happen. If we just stay positive, we may go all the way. It would be the greatest tribute to Papi if we can get to the the final series. We will see what we will see. All systems are go and we do not have too many injuries going into the playoffs, so it could happen. All we can say for now is: Go Sox!

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