Red Sox @ Orioles Game 4 (9-22-16)

Well, the Sox have done it again! They just completed their second four game sweep in a row! First it was they Yankees, outscoring them 25-18 and then for an encore they swept the Orioles in four outscoring them 20-8. They have now won 8 in a row and seem poised to win the AL East as they lead Toronto by 5.5 games with 9 to go. I was ready to give up on the team several times during the season, but they seem to be peaking at the right time to win the division. Maybe it can carry over to the playoffs and they may yet win it all. Who would have thought it a month or two ago. It is great to see. 

Papi is having the season he wants to go out with. He came through with a 3 run homer  in one of the games that made the difference. He got a broken phone that the Orioles had repaired that he smashed in anger one game against them as a gift for his final series in Camden Yards. He must really be enjoying his final season with the team ready to go all the way.

The pitching has been good for the Sox lately, with the offense doing an adequate job. We couldn’t ask for more. Whether they can remain hot through the playoffs remains to be seen. We have not seen them stay hot and keep winning for that long a period of time this season, but since they are playing big games now and in the playoffs, they may just be up for it. We can only hope.

They take on the Rays for 3 in Tampa next. The Rays have been playing well lately and even though they are at the bottom of the division standings they have been playing well  in the spoiler role against other AL East teams. The Sox will have their hands full, but if they can win 2 of 3 they may well clinch the division after this weekend. Their magic number is 4, so it won’t be long. Let’s hope they don’t blow it now.

Pomeranz is on the mound tonight and he has been mediocre at best and poor at other times. We really have only 2 consistent pitchers of the 5 and don’t know what we will get from the other 3. Sometimes they can pitch well, but often they will see an early departure with 4 or 5 runs given up. Against the Yankees we were able to overcome poor starts. It won’t be so in the playoffs. Wright may be back by then, but what can we expect from him. He may not be at his best after coming off shoulder problems.

So, it is a mixed bag as we move forward. Will we get the pitching we need to go far in the playoffs? It remains to be seen. If the bottom 3 in the rotation have good games we may go far. If they do not, we may not. Price, too has never pitched well in the playoffs. Will it be different this year? Some say yes, but it remains to be seen. It will be the pitching that lets us down if we don’t go far in the playoffs.

Right now the sky is the limit. Let’s hope things can hold up and we play like we did against the Orioles the rest of the way and in the playoffs. If so, we may go all the way. That may be a big if, but stranger things have happened. The Cubs are going to be tough to beat if it comes to that in the World Series. Let’s hope we make it that far, but we will see. All in all, it has been a good year anyway and we will probably win the division, which is a great change from the past two seasons. Maybe we’ll go all the way! Go Sox!

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