Orioles @ Red Sox Game 3 (9-14-16)

Well, the Sox dropped another one. The offense just did not show up for this one. Porcello pitched a brilliant game with the only blemish, a solo home run in the 2nd. That was all the Orioles needed. The Sox managed only 4 hits and looked like a bunch of high school kids trying to hit major league pitching. It was one of the poorest offensive games of the season and I am afraid they are falling into a losing funk which may see them drop like a rock in the pennant race. Let’s hope not. The final was 1-0.

This would be the wrong time for the Sox to start losing a lot of games in a stretch as we have seen them do often times this season. They get hot for a while and we think the team is pretty good and then they start losing a lot and they pretty much negate their hot streak and play overall about .500 baseball (at least since June).

They need to bounce back tonight and make this a short losing funk, if they are to have any chance of winning the division. They are now only 1 game up and if they continue to play as they have the last 2 games, you can forget about winning the division. They are not too far from falling out of the wild card either, but let’s hope things don’t go that far. I hope I am wrong, we will see how it goes tonight, but they are still a long way from being assured a playoff spot and could fall out of contention fairly quickly.

We have seen them go through stretches all season when they could not win a game and let’s hope this isn’t one of them, but I have a bad feeling about the way they have played in the last two games. It could be the beginning of the end. I hate to say it, but I didn’t think they would make the playoffs a month or two ago and it looks like my prediction may still come true.

Too, losing like they did last night seems to suggest that they won’t go far in the playoffs, since it seems that when they face good pitching they can’t hit at all. Last night the Orioles pitching was great and they could not score even one run to stay in the ball game. They are going to face great pitching in every playoff game if they make it and from what I’ve seen, they can’t hit great pitching at all. Consequentially, they won’t go far if they do make the playoffs.

Let’s hope they bounce back tonight and prove that all is well with the Red Sox. They are playing the Yankees, who have been making a run of late and could even make the playoffs themselves. The next four games will not be easy and we need the offense to show up and play well. If not, we could be in big trouble after this weekend. The Yankees are only 4 games out in the division and could possibly catch us if we can’t beat them in the next four. We would then probably find ourselves out of the wildcard as well. Chances are we won’t lose all four games, but if we are entering into one of our losing funks we could be  out of playoff contention before long.

That’s why it is critical that we bounce back and win game 1 of the series and hopefully 3 or 4 overall. The Yankee’s best pitcher is on the mound tonight and we are starting E-Rod. It is not a recipe for success. Let’s hope we get a good start from E-Rod, but let’s face it, we can not be sure of what we will get out of him. Now is the time to do or die. Let’s hope the Sox can do the former and not the latter. We will see. Go Sox!

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