Orioles @ Red Sox Game 2 (9-13-16)

Well, the Sox have won 5 of their last 7 and 8 of their last 12, but they lost one last night. We got poor pitching from Pomeranz, who has been mediocre at best since signing with the team. He gave up 5 runs on 2 home runs in the 2nd inning and was taken out of the game after facing one batter and giving up a hit in the 3rd. The Sox would keep the Orioles off the board the rest of the way except for another homer in the 9th. The Sox offense had plenty of chances to score, but could not come through as they left 9 men on base and could have won this game with timely hitting. The pitcher they were facing was not too impressive, but he did manage to get them out when it really counted, mostly by luck, I think. They did get a home run from Bogaerts, who seems able to hit some when it doesn’t matter, but seems unable to come through when it is needed with the timely hit with men in scoring position, since the all star break. Let’s hope he will improve for the playoffs. The other 2 runs were both on walks with the bases loaded in the 2nd. With one out they proved unable to come through with a timely hit and the tone was set for the whole game. The final was 6-3.

Still, the Sox are in better shape than I once thought they would be at this point in the season. They are 2 games up in first place and seem poised to win the division as they are playing good baseball right now. If they can keep from going into one of their losing funks that have characterized much of the season, they should hold on and win the division. Perish the thought that they would be eliminated from the wild card as well, although that is still possible. They are in good shape to do well if they can continue to play as they have through the playoffs.

When they were down, which was often, during the season, one would not have thought they would be in the position they are in now. It is good to see them doing well at the right time. I knew they had the potential to win big, but was often discouraged when they went into their sometimes month long losing funks. Now? Well who knows what will happen, but they are definitely in the mix to go all the way!

Pedroia has been unbelievable since he made the switch to lead off spot in the lineup. I wish I could say that Mookie has done as well batting cleanup, but he has seemed to cool quite a bit since the switch. He still manages to come through from time to time with the big hit, but Pedroia has been unbelievable as he chases for the batting average crown for 2016. Not too long ago, he was batting .300, but now his average is almost .340. What a change and at the right time for the team.

Papi is winding down his final season and has played in several parks for the last time. He will get the chance to play in the playoffs for his final season, which is great, but of course we don’t know how deep they will go. It would be great to see them win it all in his finale, but the Cubs, if they get that far, will be hard to beat. Still, we can only hope and they are already doing better than I thought they would a month or so ago.

Well, the sky is the limit right now and it has been an enjoyable September so far. Maybe us Sox fans will have reason to enjoy October even more. The pitching has been good enough except for a few glitches and the offense has been great this month. They seem poised to do well and some are picking them for the World Series. We will see what we will see, but this may be the year that they do it again. Let’s just keep pulling for them and see what happens. Go Sox!


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