Red Sox @ Orioles Game 2 (8-17-16)

Now the Sox have won 6 in a row. Only 4 more to go and they should be in good shape going forward. They have now moved into 2nd place in the division just a game behind the Blue Jays. Seriously, the winner of the AL East will probably come down to how Toronto, Boston and Baltimore match up head to head for the rest of the season. The Sox play Baltimore 7 times and Toronto 8 times before the end of the year and even if the Sox do not extend their winning streak now, it will come down to whether they can win the majority of those games. They can probably move into 1st now if they can win 3 or 4 more now, which is what I would like to see them do. Bradley hit another homer in this one, so between Betts and Bradley the Sox have piled up the home runs lately. Betts has now passed Papi for the team lead in home runs, He is really playing beyond expectations this season. Let’s hope it can continue. There is some talk that he may be AL MVP this year. The final for the game was a rain shortened 8-1.

With a long way to go yet, the Sox find themselves in pretty good position moving forward. There is still plenty of time to blow it, but if they can continue to play as they have for the last 6 games or so it may well turn into a good season yet. As we have seen all year, the team can play brilliantly for periods, but then turn around and play terrible enough to cancel out the  brilliance. If they can keep from falling down that rabbit hole again that they have so often been in this season for the rest of the way, they should be in good shape moving into the playoffs. That is a big if, but we will see what happens.

Buchholz is on the mound tonight filling in for Wright, so it may be the end of the winning streak. If we can get a decent outing from him, however, we may get the win.  If he can go 5 or 6 innings without having his one or two bad innings and the bullpen can pitch decent for a change, we may be all right. Those are two big ifs that may not happen, but maybe they will since we are winning right now. The momentum may carry us forward to victory despite the  potential for poor pitching resulting in a loss.

As I said, even if we do lose, we may be alright going forward. It all depends on how well we play against the division going forward. The whole season and maybe even Farrell’s job depend on those games. If we are going to make a run, we have made a good start in the last six games. Maybe it can continue, but I am not fully convinced yet. Let them win 4 out of the next 5 and maybe then I will consider that they may go somewhere in the playoffs, if they make the playoffs. It all depends on how they do from here on out and when October comes around. They may fall flat or they may do well. It remains to be seen, but let’s hope I have been wrong in previous posts and it is the  former. Anyway, Go Sox!

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