Diamondbacks @ Red Sox Game 3 (8-14-16)

Well, the Sox managed to sweep the Diamondbacks but let’s not get too excited yet. The last game was a romp by the Sox that saw Betts hitting 3 home runs and driving in 8. Before we get too excited about the team turning things around, we better consider that they are facing some tough opponents coming up which include the Blue Jays and the Orioles. If they can win some of those games they maybe making a comeback, but for now we are still in 3rd place in the division 2 games behind the Blue Jays. Still, it was a nice game to watch, but does not really indicate how they are going to play going forward  They have let us down too many times this season to get excited now. The final for the game was 16-2 and resulted in the Sox out scoring the Diamondbacks 31-9 for the series.

Going forward begins the real test and if they can win most of their games against the Orioles and the Blue Jays (they play them about 10 times each before the end of the season), they may yet win the division. Don’t hold your breath. Typically they have not played well when it really counts, so how can we expect them to do better in the future. We will have to wait and see what happens, but if the Sox make the playoffs at all, it will probably be as the 2nd wildcard.

There is some doubt as to if they will even do that. They play Detroit in several games going forward also, so the need is to win the majority of those games. If they can’t beat any of those three opponents going forward it will be over for them come October. We see some exciting games from time to time, but the lack of consistency is what has killed the team all year and we can probably expect it to continue.

The Sox are now right where they began the month of June at 12 games over .500. That means they have played only mediocre baseball after the first two months and are in desperate need of a run to make the season worthwhile overall. Will they do it. Let’s not expect it, but only hope to be pleasantly surprised if they do. We can really only expect more of the same from this team and that is mediocre baseball that probably won’t see them make the  playoffs, If they do, they will probably lose right away.

So, as I said, let’s just enjoy the rest of the season and not expect too much. They could still go all the way, but don’t hold your breath. Maybe next season will see a new manager that can get better, consistent play from these guys. Not that Farrell makes too many in game mistakes, but he does not seem capable of getting the most from his players and that has resulted in their inconsistent play all year. Get someone in there that can lead and motivate the team to better success. We may really have the  team that  can do it next year, but I really believe it is the manager that has seen them play so mediocre the last 3 years. Get rid of him and we should be in a better position to win it all. Anyway, Go Sox!

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