Red Sox @ Dodgers Game 3 (8-7-16)

The Sox lost another one last night, something they have become very adept at doing lately. Price was his usual terrible self and cries our to be gotten rid of at the end of this season. The Sox only managed 6 hits and all in all continued to look lackluster and uninspired on offense. They are somewhat beat up right now with Ramirez out with a sprained wrist and Papi showing all the signs of running out of gas and being unable to finish this his final season strong. The offense is suffering mightily at this time with those two players that they acquired to help out not contributing much. All the moves that the Sox made before the trade deadline have not helped and if anything they have simply made matters worse. The Sox were hit around again, due to poor pitching and poor defense, committing 3 errors, 2 of which probably lost the game. The final was 8-5.

I truly believe the Sox are done for the season.They are not going to make the  playoffs, even in the wildcard spot. It is a wonder how our hopes have remained high for so long, but I guess that is the  nature of the fan. In reality the Sox have played mediocre ball since June 1st and are 2 games below .500 since that time. They got off to the fast start Farrell wanted in April and May, but have not played good baseball since. They appeared to be making a resurgence in the first half of July, but played so poorly since that time that they have more than negated the winning then.

I am sorry to say it, but I believe that they are surely done now and it will just be another one of those mediocre seasons that we have seen the past 2 years leading into this one. It’s a shame since they started the season so well, but apparently they don’t have the leadership to get the most out of the young players they have playing regularly. I hate to say it, but I think Farrell should be done after this year and that they should bring in somebody that can get results from a team that has the talent, but it is a talent that is unfulfilled and we badly need leadership that can bring out the best in players, not this up and down, sometimes looking brilliant but overall being mediocre as we have seen this year.

Price is a story that reflects the lack of success the whole team has had. He seems to be one of those players that comes to Boston with an excellent history for other teams, but seems unable to produce it at Boston. We have had  a lot of players do the same over the years. He will probably leave here and resume his brilliant career where he left off somewhere else. Apparently it takes a certain kind of player to flourish at Boston, for some reason or another. Many players come here and cannot produce, while they do great elsewhere. Price seems to be one of those players.

And this has hurt the team terribly this year. If they had the pitching they would have been able to withstand the ups and downs of the offense and come out on top. If Price had just lived up to his hype and his past record, we would be in good shape going forward. I think he is going to  continue to struggle as he has never shown us anything else all season and this will be the final straw that banishes the whole team to mediocrity. I wish I could say the Sox may yet recover and play some good baseball, but I  don’t see it. The season is essentially over and we had better look forward to next year, hopefully with new management, or we can only expect more of the same then.

So, let’s just finish out the year and try to put our best foot forward for next year. There is still a lot of baseball to watch this year and there may be some exciting moments, but overall we need to just regroup and get ready for next year. Let’s just have fun for the rest of the year and maybe next year will be the one with a little more maturity on the team and hopefully some leadership that can inspire the team to play up to their potential. Let’s just enjoy the rest of the season and win when we can and try not to look too bad when we lose, which will probably be most of the time. Anyway, let’s have fun and Go Sox!

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