Red Sox @ Angels Game 2 (7-29-16)

The Sox finally managed to win another one. They had lost 4 straight (the most of the season) and 6 out of their last 7 before wining last night. They have effectively negated the effect of their previous 6 game winning streak, but miraculously are only 1.5 games out of 1st in the division in 3rd place. So at the moment they are still in contention, but have not played good baseball of late. In this game Bogaerts answered the call by driving in 3, including a 2 run homer. Bradley also went deep, but the pitching was the story. Porcello went the whole way giving up 2 runs on 5 hits, pitching an excellent game. The rest of the staff needs to step up now and win some games. I still say they need to go on another winning streak of 7 or more games to get where they should be. It will take good pitching all around to do so. The offense hasn’t been too bad, but they need to shake off the recent losing and get back to winning if they have any hope for the  post season.

It would be nice if they got the offense really going again, but if they can get the pitching and 2 or 3 good games for offensive players per game, they can get back to winning the way they did during the recent 6 gamer. After loosing the way they have lately, they really need to get back to winning. The formula above will get them a long way toward success, even in the post season.

Still, I am not too encouraged going forward. If we can’t snap out of the recent funk we will not make the post season and I don’t really hold out too much hope that we will do so. The team seams slightly above mediocre this year and that is just not good enough to go very far in the post season. Just when they seem to be getting it together and playing well they fall off the wagon, as it were, and back to poor play. As I have said many times, the pitching needs to be more consistent and I  don’t see that they have fixed that problem. The trade deadline is almost here so if they are going to make another move it had better be now.

So, let’s just carry out the rest of the season and if we are lucky we will make the post season, but I don’t see us going very deep into it. Maybe the team will take the next step and actually be a real contender next year. This year is probably a bust, unless they start playing a lot better than they have the past two months, which is not likely to happen. Next year may be a different story if we can build on what we have, so that we can reach the next plateau and play well consistently. Consistency is the key and we have not found it this season. Anyway, Go Sox!

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