Twins @ Red Sox Game 4 (7-24-16)

The Sox squeaked by the twins to get the win. They seem to struggle against the team that has the worst record in the AL. They split the four game series with them, but have won 7 of the last 10 so are doing okay over all. The bats were going again as they hit 3 home runs, two three run by Ramirez and Shaw and a single shot by Pedroia. For the most part, the Twins pitching has been no mystery for the Sox, but neither has the Sox pitching been hard on the Twins, who won 11-9 in one of the 4 games. Porcello pitched well enough in this one going 6.2 and giving up 5, but the pen allowed two of his base runners to score and gave up 2 of their own. The Sox were able to hold on to win 8-7.

Baltimore has won 4 in a row leaving the Sox 1.5 games out of first, but Toronto has fallen 1.5 behind them, so for now they are solidly in 2nd place. The Sox are in good shape going forward, but really need a 7 or 8 game winning streak to get on top of things. This is the time to do so as they are not facing their toughest opponents right now.

They play Detroit at Fenway next with Steven Wright on the mound, so we should stand a good chance of winning. We are playing pretty good  baseball right now, but the Orioles are playing better and we need a really strong effort to overtake them for the division lead. There is plenty of time left in the season, but it would be nice to see the team make their move now and pull into position to  take the division come October.

We are 13-5 for the month, but being as it is a light month considering most of our opponents are under the .500 mark, the time to make our move is now. The month is fast approaching its end and then our schedule gets tougher. If we can close out the month in 1st place all will be well. If not, we may go into a serious fade in August and find it tough to win the wildcard when the time comes.

I am still not sure this team has what it takes to make the playoffs, despite the good month we have had. August and September will surely tell the story and we can only wait to see what happens. We just need to keep winning for Papi and the future will take care of itself. To see them struggle against Minnesota as they did in the latest series is not too encouraging. They need to keep their pitching consistent and that is what has been lacking all season. They do not get consistent pitching from the starters or the pen. This needs to improve.

Pomeranz goes again in the next game and we don’t really know what to expect from him. If he can’t do  better than his first outing with the Sox, he will not be able to help the ream any. We really need him to step up and pitch well if we are to make it to the post season. The big if right now is if we can get consistent pitching…. Let’s hope Pomeranz can inspire the staff to do  better. He needs a good outing tonight to keep the lot of them doing well.

Right now let’s just keep winning most of the time and it may yet turn into a good season for Papi’s last. Let’s win for him and for all of us, players and fans both and have a season we can all be proud of and that will see Farrell back for 2017. I think if we do not do well in the end, his tenure  may be in jeopardy. Anyway, let’s keep  moving forward. Go Sox!

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