Red Sox @ Yankees Game 3 (7-17-16)

The Sox lost a tough one on Sunday. Price pitched okay except for the 4th inning when he gave up 3 runs and that is all it would take to beat the Sox on this occasion. Overall he gave up 11 hits over 5.2 innings. The pen then came in and shut them down the rest of the way, but the damage was done. The Sox only managed 3 hits and one run on the homer by Pedroia in the 1st. It was a poor performance overall by the team, about the worst of the month so far and snapped their winning  streak at 6 games. They need to have another streak soon ant take it to at least 7, but 6 in a row is not too bad either. The final in this loss was 3-1.

Well, there are going to be games like this one from time to time,  but I hope they can bounce back and hit the ball again next time. They really have not been scoring a lot of runs on this winning streak, so the hitting has not been great, but it has been just enough. On Sunday it was non-existent and thus Price got no run support again.

It seems to be a pattern with him this season, that he gets through most of his innings unscathed, but has one bad inning that results in a loss. He is not really pitching up to expectations, but has not had many runs scored for him either. He can pitch a lights out game and then go right back to struggling the next. I wish he would get on track and pitch the way he is supposed to pitch. We need him down the stretch to be at his  best.

Porcello is on the mound on Tuesday and he has been pitching well for some time. We stand a good chance of winning as we take on the Giants in Fenway Park next. If we can continue our winning ways and Porcello is a good place to start, we may sail into August at the top of the league. We are still two games down in the division, but may close in soon. We will see what happens.

For now we just need to keep taking advantage of our opportunities to win and cruise through the rest of the season. There is still a lot of exciting baseball to watch and hopefully much for us Red Sox fans to enjoy. If our luck holds out and we stay away from the injury bug, we should  be fine. Let’s win it all for Papi!

The pen came in and pitched shut out ball again, which is good to see. We never know what to expect from them, but they have been doing well lately. We have been down an arm or two as well,  but still doing fine. Koje has fortunately been closing games out just fine since  he has had to fill that role. Let’s hope that can continue, but I think everyone will agree, he is just not the pitcher he has been in the past. Maybe he should retire after this season or he may be made to look bad ere too long. Tazawa will be back soon, too. Let’s hope he can pitch as well as he has all season and not fall into a funk due to his injury

Going forward, we look pretty good. Let’s just hope it continues and we can enjoy the rest of the season as we win for Papi. There is a long way to go, so let’s just hang in there after a tough loss. We can only hope to move forward from this point. Keep your fingers crossed! Go Sox!

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