Red Sox @ Yankees Game 2 (7-16-16)

The Sox won another good one Saturday. E-Rod came back from the minors to pitch an excellent game giving up only 1 run on 4 hits and going 7 innings. It was good to see him return to his 2015 form and pitch his best game of the year so far. Apparently he got his problems ironed out in the minors and returned to the form we all know he can fill. Sandy Leon had a great game, as he continues to hit the ball well. He went 2 for 4 and accounted for 4 of the RBI’s with a 3 run homer. Bogaerts got the other RBI and the final was 5-2.

This was the 6th straight win for the Sox, which is the longest winning streak of the season thus far. Their record for the month of July is 9-2, which is the best start of any month thus fa,r also. This is the right time for the team to be winning and it is good to see. I had all but given up on them this season by the end of June, but they seem to be rebounding well and are still in contention at this point.

There is still a long way to go, but if things continue as they are going all should be well for 2016. It is good to see the team doing well this year after two straight terrible seasons under Farrell, lately. Let’s hope it can continue until the end. They have made good roster moves in a timely fashion that will help get us through to the playoffs. They may have one or two more before the trade deadline in a couple of weeks. We might just pull this thing off yet.

We will just have to see what happens and continue to pull for the team. The season of winning for Big Papi may end well just yet. If we can stay healthy and with the young players we have I don’t see why not, it should be a good run the next 2.5 months. Let’s just keep winning when we can and not looking too bad when we do lose and all will be fine. Go Sox!

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