Red Sox @ Yankees Game 1 (7-15-16)

The Sox won another, their 5th in a row.  Wright had another quality start, giving up 3 runs on 3 hits in 6 innings. He pitched shutout baseball until the 6th, which is often the pattern with him, when he gave up the 3 runs before being relieved. It was good to see he pitched well again after a couple of rough outings recently. Hanigan, Shaw and Bogaerts all homered in this one accounting for all of the runs. The team managed only 8 hits, but were able to pull  this one out due to the long ball. It is good to see Travis Shaw hitting the ball again and we got good, shutout pitching from our staff to close out the last 3 innings. The final was 5-3.

The Sox are finally going on that winning streak I have hoped for all season. Let’s hope it can continue for a few more.Rodriquez is on the mound tonight and if he can get back to some of the quality pitching he was known for last season, our streak may continue. If he continues to pitch as he has so far this season, we may end it at 5. We will have to see how it goes.

The Sox are still 2 games out of first as the Orioles won last night, but they have moved into second place alone as the Blue Jays lost.  The battle for the division will undoubtedly continue for a while if not the whole second half of the season. One of us will emerge victorious, but it will probably not be decided until the end. Let’s hope the Sox can hang in there to be in contention in October.

Things are looking pretty good for the Sox right now as is expected after winning 5 in a row. Let’s hope the winning can continue. They are now 8-2 in the month of July, which is a far cry from their poor record in June. It may just turn out to be the best month for the win/loss column of the season. The way they are starting it surely will be, if they can continue to win.

We need to hang in there and keep cheering our boys on. The Sox have acquired a new starting pitcher, Drew Pomeranz, who may just  what the doctor ordered and what I have been calling for all season. He made the all-star team this year and pitched a scoreless inning, He has an ERA of 2.47 in the National league which may just make him good enough to provide quality starts in the American league. With four good pitchers, if they will be consistent, we should be able to make a run at the playoffs and beyond. Let’s hope all works out well with this acquisition and that the starting rotation stays healthy Maybe now we really do have a chance this season.

So, with out newly acquired players, two position players and two pitchers, let’s move forward and truly win it all for Papi. We can truly send him out with a bang if the team stays healthy and things go our way some. Even good teams sometimes struggle and we are going to see more of  that from our boys before the season is out, but if we can win most of the time and not look too bad when we do lose, we should be alright for 2016. Let’s win for Papi! Go Sox!

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