Rays @ Red Sox Game 2 (7-9-16)

The Sox won another good one Saturday afternoon. Porcello pitched another excellent game giving up only 1 run on 6 hits in 7 innings. From there the bullpen (Barnes and Uehara) closed it out to give the Sox their 3rd win in a row. They have now won 3 series in a row, which has been a great way to start the month of July. Bogaerts hit his 10th home run a two run shot in the 4th Pedroia also had a 2 run base hit in the 5th that rounded out the scoring for the Sox. Porcello is now 11-2 and could end up winning 20 games this season if he stays healthy. He has quietly been pitching well all season and has a 3.66 era, best among starters. It was a good game overall and the kind of win the Sox need more of, if they can get the pitching to do so. The final was 4-1.

The Sox are now 6-2 for the month of July and doing well to start out. Let’s hope it can continue if the team is to be in playoff contention come October.  There is still a long way to go and the team will have to play consistently well for the duration to get there , but it still seems possible at this point. If we continue to get get pitching we may still go far.

The Rays are really no indication as to how our pitching might do going forward. They are last in the league in several offensive categories and we are seeing why in this series.  Still, Porcello pitched a good game and if we can get a good start from Price on Sunday, we can go into the All-Star break in good shape. What we do from there will really determine our fate, but let’s get through the next game and end the first half of the season on a positive note.

For now, let’s just keep moving forward and winning when we can. I don’t know what the future holds or whether we will play well moving forward or not. It is easy to say bad players, bad team, but I think the Sox have a lot of good players that if they will play up to their potential will carry us far into the playoffs and more. We have the team. Whether we get the best from them or not remains to be seen. I sure wish management would make some pitching moves to help us going forward. We will have to see what we see,  I guess. For now: Go Sox!

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