Rangers @ Red Sox Game 3 (7-6-16)

I was unable to listen to this game as I was traveling, but apparently the Sox won a good one. Wright gave up 6 runs in 6 innings, which wasn’t  a good start for him, but the bullpen did a good job for the next 3 so the Sox were able to hold on for the win. Ortiz hit his 20th home fun, a 2 run blast in the 1st. Brentz went 2 for 4 with 3 RBI’s  as he filled in for Holt against the lefty. It was a good win, which boosts the month record to 4-2. The final was 11-6.

So far this month, the Sox have won both series they have played. It is good that they were able to beat the Rangers 2 out of 3 as Texas has been pretty hot lately, despite having a lot of injuries to their pitching staff. The Sox belted out 10 hits again and continue to lead baseball in the number of games with 10 or more hits. If the Sox can continue to win series all month it will be a good month indeed, that may see us on top again by the end.

The team has 3 more games against the Rays before the  All-Star break. Lett’s hope we can hit the ground running after the break and move forward  toward the end of the season from here. This is the time when they need to be at their best and the results will make or break the season from here. We better play well now if we want the season to be a success over all. It’s put up or shut up time and we are doing fine for now.

The Sox made a couple of roster moves, acquiring not pitching, which they desperately need, but two position players to help move the team to the next level. We did need someone to platoon in left field with Holt in left field, I guess and were weak in the outfield, so we got that. I suppose a utility play will help on the infield since Holt is now mostly in left field will help as well. Now they need to go out and get some pitching. That is where the most need is if we are to improve the chance of winning games. We should at least get a starting pitcher and perhaps one for the pen as well. That is my humble opinion and I’m sticking to it.

Well, another win under out belts is a plus. What I would love to see is a  7 or 8 game win streak, which we have yet to see this season. If we could do that at least once before the season is over, we would be in a good position to close out the rest of the season. We have never lost more than 3 in a row, but, if I remember right, only won more than that once. We need to go on a run to solidify our position in the division standings. That would be a great thing to get us going as we move forward.

Let’s just keep moving forward and win when we can. We just need to keep doing what we have been doing and win most of our series to be in good shape. Let’s go out and make this Papi’s best season ever. Go Sox!

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