Rangers @ Red Sox Game 2 (7-5-16)

Well, the Sox lost another that they were in until the 9th when Kimbrel came in and gave up 4 runs, a career high for him. He also made his first appearance during which he did not record a single out, but 4 straight hits and the 4 runs. What was a close 3-2 ended up a big defeat, which has happened often this season. The bullpen more often than not are not able to keep close games close so that the Sox have a chance of winning in the 9th. They did manage 11 hits, but once again could not get runners in when they were in scoring position, going 2-13 in that department. The 2 hits did not get a runner in either time. It was a typical loss this season as the went to 3-2 for the month of July. he final was 7-2.

The jury is still out as to whether they will get off to a good start for July. Price pitched a fair game giving up the 3 runs on 8 hits in 8 innings. I should  have been good enough for the win, but it was not to be. A quality start for Price end in loss lately, as he can’t seem  to get any run support. I wonder why Kimbrel has so much trouble pitching in non save situations. We really need him to do so in close games, but apparently he is unable to pitch effectively in such. Farrell should get the message and stop going to him in those situations, I think.

The Sox have now fallen to 3rd place, as Toronto has passed them by half a game. They are both only a couple of games behind the Orioles who continue to lose. Toronto may be in 1st place  before much longer, but hopefully we can pass the O’s for second. We need to hang in there and stay close, but it may be hard to do as the Blue Jays are very hot right now. We will have to wait and see how well the Sox do this month to see whether they will or will not probably make the playoffs. Right now it is a tough race for the division and the Sox will have to play well to be in contention. We will see what we will see,

Right now, let’s just keep plugging away and win as often as we are able, looking not too bad even when we do lose. Maybe we shouldn’t worry about making the playoffs just yet, but just play ball up to our potential and worry about the future when it comes. Let’s just take one game at a time and win if we can, If we do that we may just get to October in the end.

Wright is on the mound for the next game, so we may have a good chance of winning. If the weather cooperates, he should pitch a good game. It is good to see Holt back in the lineup and he may just spark the team to victory again. He wasn’t in this game due to the lefty pitcher, but he will be back for the next few. I believe he may be just the spark to help the team move forward from here. For now, let’s just go get them! Go Sox!

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