Rangers @ Red Sox Game 1 (7-4-16)

The Sox won another good game yesterday! It was looking like another one of those games when Porcello gave up 4 runs in the 1st inning. He would settle down from there and pitch 5 innings of shut out ball to keep the Rangers where they were. The Sox whittled away at the lead and by the end of the 3rd had taken a 5-4 lead. They would not look back from there, winning the game in a decisive manner against one of the hottest teams in the AL right now. 5 players would contribute 2 RBI’s a peace: Betts, Pedroia, Bradley, Holt and Shaw. They hit 4 home runs by the same 5 excepting Bradley and won the game in good fashion. Porcello would go 6 innings giving up 12 hits but only the 4 runs in the 1st. It was a good effort and a good win overall. Let’s hope we can see a lot more games like it going forward. The final was 12-5.

The win makes the Sox 3-1 so far this month. They did not end June in any grand fashion, but seem to be getting off to a good start in July. Let’s hope it continues. Price is on the mound tonight against a team that he has had trouble with over the years. Let’s hope he can have a good game anyway and pull us out another win.

It was good to see the bats going well again. The Sox had 21 hits, a season high for them. If we can keep hitting even half as well going forward, we should be in good shape. I am not ready to say that we are a shoe in to win the division or even make the playoffs, but we have a chance of doing both. It is good to be encouraged again after a couple of good wins, but we will have to see what happens going forward. If the pitching will hold up we might just make it yet.

The Orioles lost their 5th straight, so we are now only 2 games out of 1st. The Blue Jays, who keep winning, are right on our heals only a .5 game behind. It is going to be a race to the finish. Let’s hope we stay in it to the end and do not fall back to last months funk. It is still too early to tell, but as I say, if (and that may be a big if) the pitching holds up, we may well be in it for the long haul. If it does not, we will continue to fade as we did in June.

We are not looking too bad for the start of the month with Buchholz back in the pen and a four man rotation with the coming day off. I don’t know what we are going to do for a 5th starter, but as the trade deadline nears we should be making a move for a starter. Let’s hope we can get one that will balance the rotation and keep us in the running the rest of the way. A good starting pitcher is exactly what the doctor has ordered.

The All Star break is almost here and we have passed the half way point in the season. After the break, if we continue to play well the season will wind down pretty quickly. We have several players going to the All-star game. Papi, Betts, Bogaerts and Bradley are the main 4 and perhaps someone else may make it as well.  I don’t think we will have a pitcher in the mix, although perhaps Porcello deserves a bid. He has now won 10 games and is looking good moving forward.

So, let’s just keep our head down and keep plodding away. Good things are bound to happen. There is still a ways to go, but the season is no longer young. It is time to put up or shut up. Let’s hope we can play well going forward. We may yet go all the way. Anyway, Go Sox!

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