Angels @ Red Sox Game 2 (7-2-16)

The Sox got badly beaten on Saturday night. They played poorly in all aspects of the game: Starting pitching was bad, the bullpen was even worse, there were key errors committed that resulted in big runs and the bats were silent as well. The question is whether the Sox should or should not have been embarrassed. Farrell said after the game that he was embarrassed for the team. Pedroia made the comment that he was not embarrassed to be a Boston Red Sox and that there would be better games. Do I sense a little friction between the players and the manager? This may be what is  producing the poor play of late. At any rate, perhaps the Sox should have been embarrassed. Such may help pull them out of the slump they have been in.  The final score was 21-2!

Let’s hope the team was embarrassed enough to come out playing better baseball next time around. They could not have been beaten any more soundly and one can only hope it will be a wake up call that gets them going again. I hate to say that it only proves just how low they have sunk. I prefer to think of it as an aberration that will not happen again, but the bullpen was unbelievably bad and could not stop giving up hits and runs no matter who Farrell put in the game. Let’s not let it happen again, boys; let’s get it together and play some decent baseball. If such a game won’t wake you up, nothing will.

There were several other routes by teams with poor win/loss percentages this weekend as well, but the Sox managed to top them all. A couple of otherwise top level teams game up 17 runs and were routed, but the Sox had to go 21 and look worse than the rest. It was a funny game that hopefully won’t happen again. I hope the bullpen will recover sufficiently to be effective going forward. They were hammered Saturday.

Let’s just put this game behind us and move on. The Sox probably should be embarrassed about the final result, but at the same time I can see Pedroia’s  point that one should not be embarrassed to be a part of a team that can and will do better in the future. Saturday was an aberration that is not the norm. It will get better from here was his point. I hope he was right. Anyway, Go Sox!

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