Angels @ Red Sox Game 1 (7-1-16)

The Sox squeaked by for a win last night. Kimbrel got extremely lucky in the top of the 9th. With Trout on first base, Nava hit a  screaming shot that they say a fan reached over and touched as it hit high off the wall. They gave Nava a ground rule double that left Trout at 3rd and the next batter grounded out to end the game. If that had not been ruled a ground rule double, Trout would have scored and tied the game. The play was reviewed but upheld, so the Sox squeaked by with the win. Papi hit his 522nd home run and 5 different players had RBI’s as the Sox pounded out 16 hits. The offense seemed alive and well again after their poor performance in the previous game. The final was 5-4 in a rain delayed late finish that I did not stay up to listen to.

So, the Sox begin the month with a win, although a not too impressive one. In the 6th inning it was raining and Farrell should have know that Wright could not grip the ball to throw his Knuckler, so I question whether he should have started the 6th at all. Probably not. As it was, he didn’t record a single out and loaded the bases on a double, a hit batter and a walk. Farrell still did not take him out and the result was that the next batter hit an 86 MPH fast ball right down the middle of the plate on a 3-2 count, for a grand slam that was all the scoring the Angels would get for the game.

Farrell should have know that Wright could not grip the ball, so could not pitch effectively in the rain, as he had already proved that in an earlier performance this year. He should not have put Wright back out there for the 6th or at least should have taken him out once the bases were loaded, nobody out. Maybe he should have taken him out even before then, but certainly should not have let him pitch to the batter that put the Angels right back in the game with one swing. I wish Farrell would treat every game like a playoff game and do everything necessary to win, especially with the situation the team is in now. We need to have every chance of winning every game from here on out. Farrell almost cost us this one with his poor decision making.

At any rate, we got the win but it was not impressive in any way. Certainly not impressive enough to make me think this month is going to be any better than last. I still think we don’t have much of a chance of making the playoffs. 5 runs on 16 hits means an awful lot of men were left on base.We need to improve in driving men in with them in scoring position or we don’t have much hope going forward. Yes, it was a win, but in essence it was a lucky win and not one to be too proud of. They will have to do better than that; if they don’t, we won’t see a good result.

So, let’s just keep plodding along and try to build on last night’s victory as shallow as it was. At least the big 3 (Tazawa, Uehara and Kimbrel) kept them off the board for the final 3 innings. That was encouraging, but Kimbrel narrowly escaped giving up the tying run and blowing a save. Still, they did the job, so let’s hope they can continue to do so going forward. For now let’s keep moving forward and Farrell: please treat every game as if it is all important, because we need to take every chance to win from here on out. It is going to be a struggle, if (and that is a big if) we make the playoffs. For now, Go Sox!



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