Red Sox @ Rays Game 3 (6-29-16)

Well, I was hoping the Sox could end the month of June on a positive note by beating the last place Rays in two games but it was not to be. They lost last night in what turned out to be one of the poorest offensive outputs of the season. They managed only 4 hits, all singles and did not score a single run even though they had the bases loaded, 1 out, with Papi and Ramirez coming up in the 5th. They both made non productive outs and the only scoring threat of the game came to naught. Price pitched what has become an average game for him giving up 4 runs on 9 hits. We had hoped for a better performance from him, especially against the team that has the lowest batting average in baseball. All in all, it was a disappointing loss. The final was 4-0.

It looks like the Sox are going into the month of July playing like they have all of June, which ended with a record of 10-16. If they do as poorly as they did in July as in June, they will certainly be all but out of the playoff picture by August. Ferrell emphasized to the team that they should get off to a fast start this season and they seemed to the first two months. I don’t think he meant that they should lay down and die after that, however, though it seems that is exactly what they have done. It’s a shame to see, but I don’t expect much from this team going forward.

It will be fun to see the games when they do win, but I don’t think they are going anywhere this season. If they could have ended the month of June all fired up and winning I would have some hope for them going forward, but they seem to indicate that they are going to continue with their poor play through July, so I can’t see them doing much. I would expect them to end up like they did last year, which is struggling to finish at .500. I wish I could say something different, but let’s be realistic: they show no signs of returning to their early season performances, so I don’t hold out much hope for them.

We will just have to bear with the rest of the way: being glad when they do win, but most of all being disgusted when they lose, which they will do more than the former. Statistically, they are not out of it yet, but I have been calling for them to improve all month and they don’t seem to be doing so. I am about tired of calling for it and have lost hope. It happens to fans and they could still prove me wrong. Let’s hope they do, but I don’t expect so. We will just have to keep plodding along and wait for next year, when something should change to renew our hope. Until then, all I can say is Go Sox!

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