Red Sox @ Rays Game 1 (6-27-16)

Well, the Sox get destroyed by the team that has the lowest batting average in the AL, as well as the lowest runs scored. E-Rod was really bad last night as he gave up 9 runs on 11 hits in just 2.1 innings. The Sox were never in the game after the first inning. They did hit the ball well managing 12 hits for the game, but could not overcome the deficit they were saddled with from the outset. That is 4 games in a row that the starting pitching has been terrible for the Sox. I don’t know what is going on but it has to stop. The Sox are really in a downward spiral that might not stop until they are all the way at the bottom. Thankfully, the Blue Jays also lost so the Sox are still in second alone but they are now 4.5 games behind the Orioles who have won 5 straight. I’m afraid it is going to be a long time before we are back on top, if at all. If last night’s game is any indication, we won’t be this year. The final was 13-7.

I hope this is the last we will see of E-Rod for a while. They have been working with him between starts to try and improve his game, but apparently it just backfired on them as he probably had one of the worst starts of his career last night. I hope they send him back to the minors so he can learn there. Game mistakes he makes there will help him learn to be good enough for the Majors. Right now I don’t think he is good enough.

They would be better off bringing up Kelly to start again, but I think they have another prospect in AAA that they can bring up instead. Either way, something has to be done and I can’t see them moving forward with E-Rod in the rotation. Buchholz is bad, but he is not that bad and may stand some chance of winning a game or two going forward. I think E-Rod is now totally out of sorts and needs to be sent down. I hope they don’t stick with him for another start.

Porcello is on the mound tonight and maybe we will get a decent start from him that will enable us to win the game. The Rays will be so fired-up about last night that they may be tough to beat, so we need good pitching. They had lost 11 in a  row coming into the game and I knew they were due to win one. I just didn’t expect the blowout that occurred. We really need to get it together as far as the pitching is concerned. We don’t stand a chance of making the playoffs if we don’t.

I have said this before and they didn’t do it, but they had better address the pitching problem and they had better do it now. They have two very weak starters in the rotation right now that should be replaced and the others need to pitch up to their potential as well going forward. You hate to see a stretch like this where they have 4 bad starts in a row. Let’s hope Porcello doesn’t make it 5 in a row tonight. The Sox need a win desperately tonight and it will depend almost entirely on what kind of pitching they get. The offense should be fine against a weak Ray’s staff, but if the pitching falls apart again,well, we will see what happens.

We seem to be ending the month as poorly as the whole month has gone or worse. We may end up with only 10 wins, but to do so we have to win one of the next two games. That’s not too much to ask, is it? All I can say is I hope we get our act together next month, but it is hard to imagine.  We don’t have too difficult a schedule, although we play Texas again for 3 next week. The rest is not too tough. I hope we can have a better month of July and I mean a lot better. We lost 10 games in each of the first two months but in the 3rd we still haven’t won 10 with 2 to go. We must do better in July. Anyway, Go Sox!

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