Red Sox @ Rangers Game 3 (6-26-16)

The Sox lost another one yesterday afternoon. They have about proven the last two games and even the whole month that they cannot beat, or even compete with, the good teams in the AL. They got lucky and won one to start the series, but they were really totally dominated by the Rangers in the last two games. They suffered again from an inability to get runners across the plate when they are in scoring position. This is what plagued them all last season and now is beating them again. If they can’t drive those runs in when they need to, they can’t win. It’s as simple as that. They need to get back to their early season ability (and I use that term loosely as they don’t seem to have that of late) to drive runs in. They were at one time one of the best in the league at it. Now, their inability to do so is why they are not even able to compete, much less win games. The final was a disappointing 6-2.

Buchholz, of course, did not pitch well. I guess his stint in the bullpen didn’t help him much and perhaps he should be put back there or sent to the minors. He just cannot seem to pitch well as a starter any more. He did give up the fewest runs of all three starters against the Rangers, but for the other two  it was an exception. For him it is the rule to give up 5 or 6 or more runs every time out. We need better pitching than that. With him in the rotation we will probably lose every 5th game for sure. I can’t see him winning many games if he continues in his current spot.

It feels like the season is about over at this point, again. If we continue to play as we have been we won’t go anywhere in the post season this year.  For the month of June we are now 9-14, though it seems much worse than that. If we can continue to beat Tampa Bay (they have already lost 11 in a row so are about due for a win or 2), we will end up 12-14 for the month, which is not too bad. It may be a tall order to sweep the Rays as they are about due to win some and with the way we have been playing it doesn’t seem likely. Still , we might come out of the month of June not looking too bad.

It sure seems like they have constantly losing  all month, so it could be a lot worse. Still, we need to snap out of it and play better in July. It is no fun to follow a team who is constantly losing and falling in the division from a good first to barely in 2nd. Toronto has cooled lately and has not taken over the lead in the division as I predicted, but they are closing on us for 2nd place and may be there soon. That means we may be in third and even continue to fall from there since New York is not far behind. Oh, the perils of being a Red Sox fan.

There is a long way to go and we may begin to play better and get back to winning before too much longer. Still, I have been saying this all month and it hasn’t happened yet. That doesn’t give me much hope that they will ever get back to winning. We are still not in too bad shape, but we are beginning to look as poor in the standings as we do on the field. It may not be too much longer before we are back around .500 and where we were last season, in the cellar of the division. If we continue to play like last years team, it will happen. It’s only a matter of time. Let’s not give up hope yet, but be fore warned that we may be in for a rough ride the rest of the way.

Maybe when Brock Holt comes back ( I don’t know why he is not here already), he can spark the team into winning again. It is since he has been down that things have been so bad, though I don’t know how he really affects the rest of the team. They really need someone to light a fire under them and get the ball rolling. Maybe Brock can do it. Or maybe he is the good luck charm that we have been missing all month. Will the team turn around when he gets back? Probably not, but I can dream, can’t I?

Well, we need to just keep plugging away and try to get back on course. We still have a long way to go, so anything can happen. We will see what we will see. Anyway, Go Sox!



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