Red Sox @ Rangers Game 2 (6-25-16)

Well, the Sox got back to their losing ways again Saturday night. Wright had the worst performance of the year  and gave up 8 runs on 7 hits, but only 3 of them were earned. The Sox committed two errors on routine ground balls on the infield that resulted in 5 runs in the 5th. They were in the game until those two miscues broke the game open for the Rangers. The Sox are now finding creative ways to lose games and that is not a good sign. We don’t stand much of a chance of doing anything this year if they continue to do so. They are now losing in about every way possible and that does not bode well for the rest of the season. The final score was 10-3.

Wright was struggling, perhaps not able to grip the ball due to the humidity or the wind in the ball park was making it hard to get movement on his knuckle ball. He said before the game that he might have trouble due to the humidity and apparently he did. His pitches were flat and very hit able, without the usual movement that he puts on the ball. I wish he wasn’t susceptible to the elements like that. His last bad outing was due to the rain because he couldn’t grip the ball. Still, Saturday he wasn’t doing too badly and might have been okay had it not been for the fielding errors committed. He wasn’t sharp, though and was hit hard and often.

You would think the Sox would get fired up and come out swinging the bats after a win like Friday night’s, but just the opposite happened. They couldn’t hit at all. They managed only 7 hits and Ramirez and Bradley had two each. They seem incapable of taking advantage of scoring opportunities as well and maybe get a run in one out of four tries. Earlier in the season, they were taking advantage of nearly every opportunity to score. Now they are not. This is what makes such a big difference in the runs scored and the win/ loss column. They need to get better.

For the first time this year, I went to bed at midnight in the 7th inning because I didn’t see much hope in their coming back from a 8-3 deficit. They did not, so I wasn’t disappointed. They played a lackluster and poor game overall. Let’s hope it doesn’t continue.

Well, the best they can do for the month now is .500 (13-13). If they lose the next game there will be no chance of doing so. I don’t really expect them to win as Buchholz is on the mound, though he may surprise me. All we can do is keep our head down and keep plodding along. Things have to get better sometime, don’t they? For now all I can say is: Go Sox!

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