White Sox @ Red Sox Game 4 (6-23-16)

Well, it is good to report the Sox won last night. It is more fun write this blog when they win. They battled hard from behind twice to pull this one out in 10 innings. Betts went 2 for 6 with 2 runs scored, Pedroia went 2 for 4 with 2 RBI’s  and even Ramirez went 2 for 5 with a run scored and an RBI, but the real hero was Bogaerts who drove in the walk-off run with a single in the 10th. Leon and Hernandez also had RBI’s.  The Sox had the bats going, but as usually happens when they do, the pitching left something to be desired. Porcello went 5.1 innings giving up 4 runs on 8 hits. Not a good outing for him. Layne also gave up 2 runs from the pen and Tazawa gave up a run. Actually the later gave up a 3 run homer to the 1st batter he faced in the 7th. The Sox battled back from a 2 run deficit at that point and tied the score, winning it in the 10th. The final was 8-7.

It is good to see the team hitting again as they did last night, but I am not ready to revise my statement of yesterday until they win a lot more games. If this is the beginning of a late June run, more power to them, but I am still inclined to give up on them this year. I could be wrong and let’s hope I am. I have just seen too many poor performances to be convinced they can make the playoffs this year. We will see.

We take on the Rangers starting tonight and it is going to be a tall task to beat them in the 3 game series. They are the hottest team in baseball right now, so we really have our work cut out for us. If we can do well against them, there may be some hope for us yet, but the jury remains out on that. Mayhaps we can still do it, but I don’t hold out too much hope. Can we really get back to playing like we did the first two months of the season? We will see.

Price is on the mound tonight and Wright goes tomorrow night. They present our best chances to win against the Rangers. If they can hold the hot hitting Rangers down, perhaps we will win one or both of the games. It will be very hot there, as it always is in Arlington, so I hope the team is ready for that. I’m not going to say we will be swept by them. Maybe we will win 1 or even 2 games. This series will say a lot in terms of where we are headed in the future, I think.

If we can win 2 of the 3 against them, perhaps it will be safe to say we are out of our slump. That would be great to see, thinking we can move back into prowess from there. Oh, I am the dreamer. We will have to see what we will see. For now, let’s keep plodding along and try to look good in winning and not too bad when losing. That is a revised statement from before when I said we should look good even when we lose. We generally look pretty bad when we lose, so I have revised it. Anyway, perhaps we can move forward from here. We are now 8-12 in June. Can we possibly get back to .500 before the month is out? It will take playing some good baseball to do so: maybe. Anyway, Go Sox!

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