White Sox @ Red Sox Game 3 (6-22-16)

The Sox blew another game they should have won last night. The Sox had a 2 run lead going into the top of the 8th. To the mound strides Koji Uehara. He could not get his splitter to split which resulted in him throwing ducks down the middle of the plate that any decent hitter could hit a mile. Two White Sox hitters did just that after a walk, resulting in 3 runs. Some job for a set-up man, I’ll tell ya. Yes, Uehara lost the game with his poor performance, but he was not alone. In the Sox 8th, facing a weak rookie pitcher, Betts and Pedroia both failed to get on essentially ending any comeback attempt. Bogaerts then hit a double that almost cleared the green monster to tie the game. They intentionally walked Papi and Young grounded out after hitting a long ball over the monster that was foul by less than a foot. It wrapped around the foul pole the wrong way. So, despite getting the bats going for a change and E-Rod pitching a quality start, the Sox ended up losing again. Their 3rd straight loss and now they are in danger of being swept by the White Sox, who were playing on a level with the worst teams in baseball coming into the series. The final was 8-6.

Could things get any worse for the Sox, who are 3-7 over their last 10 and 7-12 this month. I guess it could get worse, but let’s hope we have reached the low point for the season and can climb back out of the funk from here. Perhaps losing such a game will spark the team to get it rolling today. We desperately need a win today as to lose again will make the longest losing streak of the season at 4 games. We have lost 3 in a row at least twice before, but we need to move forward from here.

Porcello is on the mound in today’s afternoon game. He has been pitching well so we stand a chance of winning, but as we have seen, the Sox have been losing a lot lately despite good pitching. We will just have to see what we will see. It may not be long before we are in 3rd in the division, especially if we lose today as Toronto is only .5 games behind us now.

We face Texas next, which is one of the hottest, perhaps the hottest team in baseball right now. It would be great if we could go from losing big to one of the coldest teams to beating the hottest team. We can only hope, but I fear we will only sink deeper into the mire of 3rd place when we face Texas this weekend. We have shown over and over this year that we cannot win games when they really count against tough opponents or even light weight ones. We just can’t win when it counts, especially in the month of June.

Well, we just need to keep plugging away, I guess. I sure don’t feel good about the team or our chances right now. They are really playing poorly and it looks more and more like what we can expect for here on out. I think now it is going to be another one of those bad years. It may be that last nights foul ball by Young in the 8th may epitomize the entire season–close but not good enough. Or we may do even worse than that, we will just have to see. Either way, I no longer think we have much of a chance of getting to October baseball this season. We are just not good enough and will probably continue to fall from here. Anyway, I can still hope against hope. Go Sox!


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