White Sox @ Red Sox Game 2 (6-21-16)

The Sox lost to the White Sox again last night. They were facing one of the best pitchers in the AL last night, but we still could have hoped for more. They managed only 6 hits and 1 run for the second game in a row. The pitching was pretty good again, but without the offense scoring runs, it is doing us no good. The offense seems mired in a deep slump right now that is worse than I have been talking about previously. They seem incapable of getting runners across the plate when they are in scoring position. They went 0 for again in that department last night. For the second straight night the final was 3-1.

On this home stand they have played 8 games and are 3-5. Of the 8 games, they have scored 2 or less runs 5 times! That is how cold the offense has gotten. This is one of those times during the long season that everyone seems to be in a batting slump at the same time. You hope it never happens, but often does. We can only hope they snap out of it soon and begin to play baseball again. I have been saying this for the whole month of June and they haven’t gotten any better yet. Maybe they will snap out of it  when July rolls around. They are definitely in what is called a June Swoon right now. There are still a lot of games to play in June. I hope they can snap out of before the month ends.

Would you believe that all 5 teams in the division lost for the second night in a row, so the standing haven’t changed. We are still 1 game behind the Orioles and 1.5 games ahead of Toronto in second place. While the last two games haven’t hurt us in terms of standings, they may have a deep impact moving forward. We need to win the next two games to just tie the series with the White Sox and if we do not get some offense that will not happen either. The White Sox were slumping badly before this series began, but if their pitching continues to shut us down like they have, they may get out of their slump, while we become deeply mired in ours. We will see what we will see, I guess.

E-Rod is on the mound tonight and he is probably going to give up some runs. If we do not get the bats going it may be our 3rd straight loss tonight. They have been working with E-Rod on some trouble areas, so hopefully he will perform better this time around. Come on guy, show them what you got! Still, 2 runs will probably not win the game tonight. We need some offense and we need it now. I hope someone can provide a spark that will get them hitting again. If not, it may be a long rest of the season. I always say this after a bad loss or two, but what else am I to say.

It’s funny how the baseball fan is taken on such a roller coaster ride by their team every season. Win a couple and the hopes soar and we all feel positive about the team. Lose a few and we get down about the team and feel quite negative about their prospects for the rest of the way. It is a roller coaster ride that goes up and down. One can only hope we are up more than we are down so that we have a successful season. That is the way of it. Why do we put ourselves through it? Probably for the thrill of success when things are going well. It is definitely not for the ride itself.

We just need to keep our heads up and keep plugging away. We are still in excellent shape in the race for October.  If we can get out of this June Swoon and into some July Magic we might just make it. All I can say is Let’s win it all for Papi! It may go to the wire, but we want to come out on top. Let’s give it all we’ve got. Go Sox!


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