Mariners @ Red Sox Game 1 (6-17-16)

Well, the Sox dropped another one. That is 4 out of the last 5. Elias did not work out well coming up from the minors. He went 4 innings giving up 7 runs on 7 hits with 3 walks. The game was pretty much over from there. Poppy did hit a 2 run homer in the 4th, but the Sox wouldn’t do much more.  It is safe to say that the team is deeply mired in a slump that is characterized mostly by bad pitching. They are desperately looking for a number 5 starter, but that is not all that ails the pitching staff.  The bullpen gives up runs in almost every game as well and that should not be. I wish they could be more consistent.The final was 8-4.

It was some comeback as, down by 6 runs with the bottom of the order managing to set the top up with 2nd and 3rd, nobody out, all the big hitters could manage was two sacrifice flies. That will not get the job done, as with two outs Bogaerts was retired and no rally really resulted. What’s wrong with a base hit with two in scoring position. I really couldn’t understand why Betts and Pedroia both hit sacrifice flies when a big run rally was needed. If the bottom of the order can get a rally started, why can’t the top of the order carry through and keep the rally going. Two outs from them is not what was needed.

Elias has been sent back to AAA and it looks like Buchholz will move back into the staring rotation.  If he can pitch as well as he is able, we should be fine. Truly, they found nobody better since they put him in the pen a month or so ago. If he can’t do the job, let’s hope they can find somebody through trade or otherwise that can. Our pitching has been pretty poor, especially lately. It is what we need to start winning games again. If it continues to fail us, we will definitely fail as well. There is a long way to go and, as I’ve said, we need to get it together now if we are to compete this year. Lately, in losing 4 out of 5, it is looking like we can’t compete with the better teams and will soon go down in flames. Let’s hope not.

In actuality, we made our run to the top against some of the lesser teams in the AL. Now that we are playing teams with better records, we are not doing so well. Now is the time to prove ourselves, but we are failing miserably so far. Can we get it together soon enough to start winning these games? I don’t know, but our future looks pretty bleak right now. We are 5-9 for the month of June. We have really started to slide and I hate to see it. We must rebound soon before we drop too far.

We are now tied with Toronto for second place and they may be in first sooner than I anticipated. By the end of this weekend they may be 1st and we may be 3rd. If we can’t beat Seattle we may be in big trouble.  We are only 5.5 games ahead of Tampa Bay in last place. In a couple of weeks, if the ship is not righted, we may be taking their place. Come on guys, get it together before we end up where we were last year.

Papi  continues to hit well in his final season, but the rest of the team has fallen down the well. They need to get fired up and begin to play like they want to win it all for Papi as they were early on. It seems like the universe is adjusting things back to normal and that the team was playing way over  heads initially. Now they are playing below their average so that things even out and get back to their normal average. I hate to say it, but I don’t think we will continue to contend for the division as we move forward.

We may have a better season overall than last year, but we won’t win the division or even make the playoffs. As time goes on this seems more and more likely.  They have been playing over their heads and now things are coming back to earth. We all had high hopes for this team as the early season unfolded, but now they will be lucky if they can continue to contend for the playoffs. We are nearing the all-star break and its time to get the ball really rolling. Instead we are badly faltering, which suggests to me that it may continue through the rest of the season. I still have some hope, but it is being eroded away as we play on.

There is always next month. Perhaps they will start playing better once August rolls around,  but June has been a bust. All we can do is continue to shore up our hopes and say come on let’s win  for Papi. There is a long way to go: maybe we can… Let’s go Sox!

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