Orioles @ Red Sox Game 3 (6-16-16)

Another forgettable game last night. It was as if the Sox did not show up to play. They managed only 4 hits, 2 by Poppy, a double and a home run. E-Rod did not pitch well as he lasted only 4.1 innings and gave up 5 runs on 8 hits. There was talk about him tipping pitches again last night, something he had trouble with at the start of last season that he was supposed to have corrected. Apparently he has not. If he can get that problem squared away, he will probably be an effective starter in the future. He was last year at any rate. There was not much else going on in this game as the first 3 in the lineup went 0-10 and the rest did little better. The final was 5-1.

This loss means the Sox have fallen out of 1st place and are only 1 game ahead of Toronto in 3rd. The Sox could well fall to 3rd if they continue to play as they have been. Toronto will probably lead the division before next week is out. If the Sox don’t snap out of their slump right now, the future is dim, I’m afraid. They could very easily slide to the cellar before too long.

There was also talk about the team making some roster moves this week. Elias is the starting pitcher for the team tonight, as he has just been called up from AAA. Let’s hope the Sox will try to acquire some more pitching as they are in sore need of some, especially in the starting rotation, but also in the pen. Let’s hope the offense can bounce back and begin to hit well again soon. We need both aspects of the game to be sharp if we are to make a run at the playoffs.

The all-star break is coming soon so now is when we need to be playing good baseball. It is a little troublesome that this is the time when the Sox seemed to have cooled and are not playing their best. We have lost far too many games lately to be considered in the running for the playoffs. If this continues, we will not be. Come on guys, snap out of it. We’re all counting on you.

Maybe the Sox can get some good pitching from elsewhere and I agree that now is the time to do so. We don’t need to wait until we have fallen completely off the pace in the AL East, which we might by the trade deadline, to get help. We need to do it now before that happens.

Last night was very discouraging for Sox fans as it looked like they couldn’t even compete with the Orioles. They were never in the game as they went down 1,2,3 over and over again. It does not bode well for the future, but it was only one game. Perhaps they can get back to playing and competing tonight, They were not even facing a quality pitcher last night, but he was one they should have hammered. Well, all we can go do is get back out there and hopefully do better from now on. The season is young, but is beginning to age a little. There is a lot of baseball left to play. We just need to keep pounding away and it should  work out well. Let’s get Seattle and  show them what the AL East is made of tonight. Go Sox!


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