Orioles @ Red Sox Game 1 (6-14-16)

The Sox lost a tough one last night. They managed 7 hits, but scored very little against the Orioles Ace starter. They had plenty of scoring chances in the first 3 innings but did not get a run across until Bradley’s home run in the 7th. Price lost his 3rd in a row, the last two in the exact same fashion by giving up a home run on the 1st pitch of the 8th inning, which was the difference in both loses. He actually pitched a great game, but gave up 2 home runs that cost him the win. The Sox probably should have won this game, if they had taken advantage of scoring opportunities early, but such was not to be the case. They lost another close, low scoring contest 3-2.

The Sox are now in second place behind the Orioles, but have the chance to redeem themselves in two more games against them. Toronto is now only 2 games behind the Sox and I’m afraid if things go on as they have been with the Sox mired in slump, we will find ourselves in  3rd place before too long. We need badly to go on a winning streak and who’s to say that won’t begin tonight.

Wright is on the mound tonight, so we should keep the Orioles scoring down, but we have to do some scoring ourselves to win. Wright will move to 8-4 with a win tonight which will give him a better record than Price who is also at 7-4 after last nights loss. We desperately need a win tonight to keep us from dropping to out lowest point in a month. We will be only 8 games above .500 if we lose tonight. The Orioles are always tough, but with Wright pitching, hopefully we can get the win.

We are only 4-7 for the month of June so far and can be said to be slumping. Let’s hope the slump won’t continue too long and we can get back to winning games again. I don’t know what will bring us out of it, but in time we should be okay. We are, at this point, still within striking distance to win the division (only 1 game out), but if the slump continues too long we may find ourselves down quite a bit. Let’s try to get ourselves out of the funk before it becomes a major downward trend. I think we will get out of it soon and be fine.

Still, it is a little discouraging the way we have been going up and down for the past two weeks or so. We are not out of it, though, by any means. We have been competing well in just about every game, but just coming out on the losing side more often than not. It’s not like we are being blown out in every game. The season is long and there will be times for any team when things don’t go their way all the time. Let’s just hope that it is not a trend that will continue too long, but merely a bump in the road leading to ultimate success.

Let’s just keep our heads up and continue grinding away and things are bound to turn around before long. We haven’t been playing that badly. We can only improve from here and get back to playing our best game again. Meanwhile,  let’s win most of the time and look good even when we lose. We should have a good game tonight and the sky’s the limit from here. Go Sox!


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