Red Sox @ Twins Game 3 (6-12-16)

The Sox managed to lose to the Twins. I am sticking by my synopsis that if the Sox did not sweep the Twins they could still be considered to be slumping. They certainly didn’t play well yesterday. Somehow they scored 3 runs in the 8th ( I didn’t get a chance to listen to the end of the game as I was in Church). I suspect they were given most of those runs as the Box scores shows them only having 2 RBI’s and 4 runs. Still, they could not win the game as the poor pitching bit them again in the 10th inning. Barnes really stunk up the 10th as he gave up 2 hits and walked one and only got one out. One of the hits was a 3 run homer. If the Sox don’t get some pitching soon they are really going to be hurting the rest of the way. The final was 7-4.

I don’t know how long I can harp about the pitching woes of the Sox. You never know what you are going to get from any member of the bullpen and as for starters Wright is the only one you can expect a good game out of. You don’t know what you are going to get from any of the pitching staff, except Wright. It seems this reflects poorly on the pitching coach as the staff doesn’t seem to be able to get the best from the pitching. Perhaps we should be in the market for a new coach, especially if this continues for the rest of the season.

It really is difficult to understand why pitching continues to be the biggest problem for Farrell as he was a pitcher in the Big Leagues himself. It would seem that a manager who is a former pitcher would want to make pitching his strength, but Farrell has never had a strong pitching staff since he took over. Why does he have so much trouble getting quality arms and even getting the best out of what he does have? It is truly a mystery to me.

With the staff he does have, we have seen some brilliant pitching but only in spurts. They just can’t seem to consistently pitch at a quality level. If this isn’t the fault of the coaching staff, I don’t know what it is? These guys are capable of pitching better but they just are not doing it. They are not being coached or managed to bring out their best. Right?

I really hope the team can get out of this slump soon and start playing good baseball again. It seems that now that they have gotten off to a good start, they don’t know how to continue. They need intensity and drive out of the pitching and not just the offense for the long haul. We can lead in most of the offense categories and in many of them we do, but if we don’t have the pitching we won’t go far. It’s a shame to see it, but for the second year in a row, we are bound to fall short despite a good offense.

I don’t know what the solution is except maybe to bring in 2 or even 3 arms for the pen and at least one more to start. We just need all kinds of help in the pen especially and we need leadership to get go results from all of them. If we can’t find the leadership, whether from the pitching coach or a veteran pitcher, we don’t stand much of a chance of improving as we go along, I think the pitching staff is just coasting now and we can’t get the best results if they will not pitch hard and effectively.

We can only improve from here and losing a game to the Twins just shows how we are not playing well right now. We need to snap out of it and go back to playing like we did early on.Let’s not just tread water or, as I have said, we will soon begin to sink. We had better look our because Toronto is about to catch us and will pull ahead in the division, if we don’t begin to play better soon. They are playing great baseball right now and we need to keep pace with them Forget the Orioles, as I think they are going to fade soon. Let’s not fade with them! Go Sox!

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