Red Sox @ Giants Game 2 (6-8-16)

The Sox had a disappointing loss last night. They managed only 5 hits and 1 run in a truly forgettable game. Price did not pitch badly, giving up only 2 solo home runs and 3 hits in an 8 inning complete game. Still it was enough to beat the Sox as Bumgarner pitched one of his great games for 6 innings and the bullpen shut the Sox down completely. Young had the only RBI on a 4th inning solo homer or the team would have been shut down completely by Giant pitching. It was a sad way to rack up yet another loss and fall 1.5 games behind the Orioles for the division lead, as they won their 4th straight. We are struggling to just stay where we are and gaining no ground at all. The final, of course, was 2-1.

Price pitched well, but gave up his 2nd long ball, a wind aided fly that just snuck over the wall in the 8th and the Sox did not respond and so lost. Games like this will happen,but the Sox have been losing too much lately and I fear it will continue for a while. If they can get over this rough patch in the middle of the season, perhaps they can get things going again later on. Right now the whole team seems to be in a slump that wasn’t helped out by facing one of the best pitchers in the NL last night. Still, if we were playing better, we would be winning and not losing 2-1.

Pedroia did manage a hit and extended his hitting streak to 16 games. He is the only one that seems hot right now and one player cannot do it all. Someone needs to step in and get this team rolling again as they are in bad need of some inspiration. We can only hope their struggles will not last much longer. Betts, Bogaerts, Poppy, Bradley and even Shaw are too good at hitting to be held down for long. We could use some help from Ramirez as well but he seems to be struggling mightily right now and can’t produce at all. If two or three of the others would heat up we could win some ball games.

Young is also hot right now. He has been hitting the ball well against both right and left handed pitching and probably should continue to start even when Holt comes back. We just need some others to heat up to get the ball rolling again. That’s provided the pitching will hold up. It hasn’t been half bad lately and we should be winning more than we are. I’m afraid if the offense picks up, that the pitching will go south again. We shall see what we shall see, I guess.

Wright is on the mound tomorrow, so we stand a good chance of winning. Still, Price only gave up 2 runs and we still lost last night. We have to hit the ball as well. We should do well against the Twins as they have one of the worst records in baseball this season. We should be able to sweep them for the series, but we will see what happens. Anything short of a sweep, though, and I would say we are still slumping. We need to win against these guys as we have a tough schedule for the rest of the month.  We are 2-5 for the month. We definitely need to improve on that.

So, let’s just keep on grinding away and hope to snap out of this slump soon. We are still in good shape in the standings and can only hope we don’t continue to slide downward in them. If we can get back to 12 over .500, we can go from there. That may be a tall order the way we have been losing lately. Still, let’s hang in there and push forward. Things can only improve from here or so we hope. Go Sox!

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