Red Sox @ Giants Game 1 (6-7-16)

The Sox won a good game last night in 10 innings. It was a late night early morning game as they were playing in San Francisco. It was a national league rules game so Poppy was relegated to a pinch hitter role in the 7th when he drove in the tying run. It was a great play by Young, who avoided a tag between 1st and 2nd to prevent the double play which  would have ended the inning with the Sox still 1 run behind. Young had a good game going 1 for 3 with an RBI and making two great plays in left field. Pedroia extended his hitting streak to 14 games, but Poppy was unable to do so in his pinch hitting role. Bogaerts went 2 for 5 with 3 RBI’s that were the difference in the game. He drove in the two winning runs in the 10th with a bases loaded single to right-center. The final was 5-3 making the Sox 4-1 in extra inning games this season.

Porcello gave us a quality start, giving up the 3 runs in 6 innings on 5 hits. It was good to see him bounce back and have a good night after his last outing. If we can get good starts we can win a lot of games, if the bullpen does their job as they did last night. Ross, Tazawa and Uehara all pitched before Kimbrel closed it out in the tenth. The pen managed 4 scoreless innings. It was good to see them pitch well again as they have been a trouble spot lately.

Tonight the Aces for both teams square off. Bumgarner for the Giants would seem to have the advantage as he has almost 3 runs less in the ERA department. His ERA is one of the best in baseball at 1.91. The Sox may struggle tonight to hit, but they have been known to do surprisingly well against the best pitchers, so we will see. If Price pitches a great game we may have a good chance of winning. It’s really all on Price. If he can match Bumgarner inning for innings we will be in the ball game. If not…

We are now a half game behind the Orioles for the division lead, as they played Monday and won as well as winning last night. The lead may change hands a few times going forward as we are now odd out in the number of games played. We really need to win tonight so we don’t fall 1.5 games out. The Orioles have been hot so they are bound to win. We need to keep pace. Toronto has lost the last 2 games, so they are 4.5 back again. It may be a while before they make a charge again.

Well, we just need to keep moving forward. Most of out games for the next 20 or so are against teams that have winning records, so we will be tested. We need to hold our own and compete with these teams to prove we can stay on top. I feel like we have this huge target on our back, but hopefully we can persevere.  By the end of the month we will be well tested and hopefully we pass the test. Let’s win tonight and just go on from there. It will be another late night, early morning game, but hopefully I can hold up losing sleep 2 nights in a row. I will be listening. Go Sox!

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