Blue Jays @ Red Sox Game 3 (6-5-16)

The sox almost made a come back in this one, but as they say, such is not good enough. They were held hit-less for 7.1 innings before  coming up with 6 in the last two innings. Pedroia and Ortiz  managed to extend their hitting streaks both on their last at bats. They both  smashed doubles to score the 1st run of the game for the Sox. The RBI’s were then spread out through the rest of the batting order, but the Sox feel short again with the tying run on 2nd and the winning run on 1st. Hernandez struck out to end the game. A day late and a dollar short. I hope that doesn’t define the whole season for the team but with the way things have been going lately, it might. The final score was 5-4.

The Sox have now have won only 4 of their last 10 and are surely not playing like a 1st place team. They are now tied on top again as the Orioles managed to win, but they are not much longer for the top if they continue to play as they have been lately. They need to snap out of it and play some baseball again before it is too late.

Hanigan and Swihart are both on the DL for now. We will miss them. It was exciting to watch Swihart in left field, a position he has taken to very well. He went crashing into the wall on Saturday  and is out with a severe sprain in his left ankle. Let’s hope he can bounce back soon. Hanigan was bothered by his neck strain the whole game yesterday and finally left it early. He was then placed on the 15 day DL.  Sandy Leon and Rusney Castillo were recalled from Pawtucket to replace them. Let’s hope these injuries, not to mention Brock Holt being out, don’t hurt the team too much. They are not major players, but good contributors to the overall effort.

Right now the team needs to get their focus back on winning ball games. Porcello is on the mound Tuesday night against the Giants. We don’t know what to expect from him and the Giants are hot, so if we can win it will speak volumes to us fans. Maybe we will have a chance after all. Wednesday night’s game pits Price against the Giant’s Ace and it will be tough to win that one too. We will be playing by National league rules, which means Poppy will be in a pinch hitter role instead of DH. This could hurt our chances, also.

If we can get through the next 2 games with at least a spit, we take on Minnesota Friday and should be able to begin to right the ship against them. If we can win that series, too, we could be on our way back to climbing higher up the ladder. So far, we haven’t been more than 12 games over .500 and are currently only 9 over. We need to climb from there. It begins, at this point, with pitching. If we can get a quality start from Porcello, maybe the rest of the staff will perform better. That may be a big if, however.

The team has cooled off both in the pitching and the offensive departments. We need to bounce back and get hot again. Like I have said, if we tread water too long we will begin to sink. That point may not be too far off. Come on team, let’s get the fire back and play some baseball. It’s not like the whole team has cooled, but they are not playing as well as a team as they were before. At times this season, we have had great play up and down the line up with everybody contributing. That is what we like to see, but, unfortunately, don’t see enough of it in base ball.

What we hope is the team will improve from here, get out of their funk, and begin to win again. No need to panic yet, but be leary–things could go really bad from here or they could improve. Let’s hope the later is the case. Go Sox!

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