Blue Jays @ Red Sox Game 2 (6-4-16)

The Sox held on to win one on Saturday to stay out of a 4 game losing streak. Betts and Ortiz drove in 2 runs apiece and Wright pitched pretty well giving up 3 runs, none of them earned. The Sox only gave up 4 hits, but managed 11 of their own. Pedroia and Poppy continue their hitting streaks. Hanigan had a hard time catching the knuckle ball as he allowed all 3 runs on past balls, so they were unearned. After Wright was out of the game he allowed another past ball that got a runner to 2nd and he would eventually score, so all 4 runs given up involved past balls by Hanigan. He then left the game with the strained neck he has been suffering from some this season. Can’t help but wonder if that was why he had such a hard time behind the plate. The game was a win, but they tried awfully hard to lose it, giving away so many runs (4 unearned). The final was 6-4.

The team is really struggling right now and I hate to see them go through it. We can only hope they will emerge from their present funk and play some good baseball again this season. I would hate to see the rest of the year go like it has the last 10 games or so. Miraculously, they are still in first place in the division by 1 game. Toronto is now 3 games back, but they are still in the running. The Orioles, of course, are just 1 back. They lost Saturday, which is good news.

We all knew there would come stretches this season where things just didn’t go right. If we can persist through the rough times we can get back to the good times and hopefully do well overall this season. We are now 10 games over .500 again and are treading water rather deeply right now. Let’s hope we do not begin to sink.

Rodriquez is on the mound tomorrow. Hope we get a good performance out of him. Last year he was up and down so that we never knew what to expect. He could pitch great at times, but at other times, not so well. He is a young pitcher that hopefully will improve over time if we can keep him off the DL this year. We can only expect the best from him in time. I hope he can have a good game tomorrow.

As I have been saying, it is time to get back on the winning trail. We seem to have cooled off as a team and are not playing with the fire we did early on. Let’s hope they can get the fire kindled again and begin to win regularly again. We need to win most of our games to compete. Obvious isn’t it, but the fan feels compelled to state the obvious when things aren’t going so well. Anyway, Go Sox!


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