Blue Jays @ Red Sox Game 1 (6-3-16)

Well, the Sox have lost their 3rd straight again. They had all sorts of trouble hitting R A Dickey last night and managed only two runs. Bogaerts hitting streak has ended at 26 games and he failed to come through in the bottom of the 9th with 2 on and 2 out. Poppy hit the ball with two ringing doubles that left him stranded at 2nd each time. The real weakness of the Sox was exposed again and it is not the offense. The bullpen is really the Achilles heal of the team and will be their downfall if they do not improve. Uehara gave up a two run homer after Price pitched a decent game allowing only 3 runs on 6 hits. The Sox managed only 5 hits and left 19 on base due to a high number of walks that they failed to capitalize on. They were just simply beat again, though the pitching was what they needed (excluding Uehara). The final was 5-2.

I am really worried about the bullpen. They have allowed 15 runs in the last three games and show every sign of keeping the team from the greatness they deserve as the season progresses. There are other problems with the pitching as at least 2 starting pitchers have not been performing well lately, but the major problem with the team right now is the pen If they don’t get it together soon we are in for a long and disappointing season. We should probably bring in at least 1 if not 2 arms as they need help in a big way. Let’s do it now, before we drop like a rock in the Grand Canyon. I’m afraid it’s coming and the bullpen will be the main cause.

That said, we are tied once again for 1st in the division, as Baltimore won last night. Toronto is now only 2.5 games back and could all but catch us before the current series ends if the current trend continues. We badly need to win tonight and probably the next game also, but it seems like we are running up hill at the moment. It doesn’t mean we can’t overcome if we get decent pitching, but it will be difficult to come out on top in the next 2 games. I’m afraid we will get swept and go to a 5 games losing streak. I just don’t feel good about the team right now. It seems to be the beginning of the trouble I have been fearing all season.

I can only hope we get back to winning and break out of our slump. We just need to keep plugging along offensively and get some pitching. We have such a hard time winning against the AL East. Each game is an agonizing struggle that often ends in defeat. We can not hope to win the division, if we can not compete within the division. As a fan, all I can do is wait and see what happens but based on the last two seasons, I fear the worst. We have almost the same bullpen as last season and we probably should expect no more from them than we got then. Have they been playing above their heads and now we are beginning to see their true ability. Perhaps, so. Looking back it seems so, but we shall see.

Well, let’s just keep playing and hope for the win tonight to prevent our worst losing streak of the season. Lately we have lost 3 in a row, won 3 in a row and now lost 3 in a row again. It is hard to be optimistic about the team with their losing of late, but let’s try to be positive. We can still get out of this funk and begin to win again soon. Let’s hope it’s tonight, as I said, we badly need a win or 2. Let’s hope for the best. Go Sox!



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