Red Sox @ Orioles Game 4 (6-2-16)

The Sox got beat again last night due to horrendous pitching. Porcello did not do as badly as Kelly, but the result was the same. He lasted 6 innings and gave up 5 runs on  6 hits. The bullpen then proceeded to stink badly for the second straight night, giving up 7 runs on 5 hits in just 3 innings. This was the other half of the bullpen from the other night, so on consecutive nights the whole bullpen has pitched terribly. The Sox managed 7 runs on 12 hits but came up way short again. Bogaerts extended his streak and Poppy hit a homer, but the Orioles hit 7 homers in all. It was a game we want to forget, but they have been coming more frequently of late as the pitching seems to have left us for now. The final was 12-7.

The Sox and Orioles failed to prove which was the better team as they split the series 2-2 and both scored 29 runs and allowed 29 runs against. It was a pretty even series with the exception of how terrible the Sox pitching looked over the last 2 games. Still, the Orioles gave up just as many runs though not all at once. Perhaps consistently bad is worse than a couple of bad games., at any rate.

Should we be worried about the Sox pitching? Perhaps, especially the bullpen as they could not have done much worse over the last two games. I was calling for the pitching staff to step up and give us better pitching, but now I would be satisfied if they would go back to pitching at least adequate again. They can’t let the last two games set the precedence but need to bounce back and get back on track. Tazawa has looked especially poor lately. Let’s hope he can get it back on track, as we need him to pitch well. The ERA for the whole team has definitely taken a hit of late.

The Sox end the series where they began: 1 game up in the division. As I have said of late, if they can’t get the pitching back on track, they won’t be on top for long. The biggest fear this season is that the pitching, which consists of almost all the same pitchers, will begin to pitch like they did last season. If they do, we don’t stand a chance of doing anything as it was the poor pitching that sunk the team then and will do so again if it returns in full force. Come on guys, let’s shake off the recent struggles and get back to the form we all know you are capable of. If you don’t you will certainly let all us fans and the team down again.

June is not starting off well and it doesn’t get any easier from here. We take on Toronto again and then the Giants in San Francisco. We need to get it together now and play some good baseball. There can be no waiting around or drifting through these upcoming games. We need to play well now. No waiting or biding our time. The offense is doing fine, but we all know what the problem is right now.

No need to harp more on it. We either get the pitching together or we don’t. The season hangs on the next week or so. If we do not do well, we will probably begin to sink and no telling where we will end up. On the bottom for the 3rd straight season? It may be. Let’s hope this isn’t the beginning of struggles that we can’t overcome. The team has done so well, let’s not lose it now. We will see what we will see.

We have what should be good pitching from the starters for the next 3, so there is indeed some hope. It is just so discouraging to see them get pounded 2 nights in a row like they did. We must keep our chins up as fans and hope for the best. October is a  long way off. Let’s Go Sox!


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