Red Sox @ Orioles Game 3 (6-1-16)

The Sox got beat last night, plain and simple. The pitching was horrendous on both sides, but especially for the Sox. Kelly got it started going only 2.1 innings and giving up 7 runs on 7 hits. The bullpen carried on from there, giving up 6 runs of their own before it was over. Buchholz managed to stink up the place from the pen as well as he gave up 4 of the runs and walked 4 in 3.1 innings. The offense was potent as they managed 5 home runs. Betz hit 2 more to become one of the few that have hit 5 in 2 games and the first lead off batter to do so. Young went 3 for 5 and had 2 homers and 3 RBI’s. Bogaerts extended his streak, going 1 for 5. Ramirez grounded out to end the game with the bases loaded and a chance to tie the game and went 0 for 5. He certainly isn’t living up to the hype about him two years ago. It was a high scoring game of poor pitching, The final was 13-9.

The Sox from time to time have such like poor pitching performances and one cannot help but remember how poor the pitching was the entire way last season. The fear is that the pitching will go south and instead of being adequate will take on the semblance of last season and begin to stink badly. I have been calling for them to step up and pitch better but it didn’t happen again last night.  If the pitching gets 75 % as bad as last night, and it well could, we are sunk the rest of the way. We need pitching and we need it now. 13 run games should not happen to a good team. Let’s go boys, get it together, huh?

Kelly may not pitch his next time in the rotation as the Sox have a day off then and it would be advisable for Ferrell to skip him as bad as he has done the past 2 outings. Maybe he needs some time off to get it together. He really is going to have to get better. As for Buchholz, maybe they should consider sending him to the minors despite his contract. He is only hurting the team with the way he is pitching; from the pen or in the rotation,  he hurts us either way.

Porcello is on the mound tonight. Let’s hope he can do better than Kelly, but I seem to remember last season they were both struggling at the same time. Let’s hope they don’t go down together again and Porcello can give us a quality start. With one, we stand a good chance of winning tonight. We really need a win to keep treading water and going .500 as we have lately. With a win tonight, perhaps we can build from there. With a loss, we won’t have our hopes up to do much. We need to grab some momentum and start to win some games. Treading water for too long leads to sinking.

Well, as they say, tomorrow is another day, but we haven’t started the month of June off too well. It’s only 1 game, but the way the Orioles just kept scoring and scoring it was pretty discouraging. Let’s hope the team, especially the pitching, can bounce back and get it done tonight. A win of the 4 game series against the Orioles and things will look fine. I need us to win a couple to get that terrible game last night out of my head.  Let’s get back on the winning trail and show them how good the 2016 Sox are. Let’s move forward and get the ball rolling again! Go Sox!

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