Red Sox @ Orioles Game 2 (5-31-16)

The Sox played a good game last night or I should say Mookie Betts played a great game. It was the Mookie Betts show last night. He had 3 home runs and 5 RBI’s not to mention great play in the outfield. Bogaerts extended his hitting streak and went 1 for 5. Pedroia had the only other RBI with a homer in the 1st. Mookie and Dustin went back to back to start the game. The Sox managed 10 hits for the 33rd time this season and Rodriquez in his season debut pitched well. He went 6 innings gave up 6 hits and 2 runs. The Sox are guaranteed to come out of the series with the Orioles in first place with this win. They led from the first inning on and didn’t score again after the 2nd until the 7th. Still they held on to win a good game. The final was 6-2.

The Sox move to 3 games ahead in the division and Baltimore is now only 2 games ahead of Toronto for 2nd and 3rd. It is shaping up to be a good season so far and the team is now 12 games over .500 again for the best record in the AL at 32-20. Let’s hope things continue to go well, but, as I say, I don’t see any let-up in this team at all. We may go all the way.

Kelly is on the mound tonight and if we can get a good game from him, we should notch another win. He has been up and down so far this season and his last outing wasn’t that bad, so perhaps he will do well tonight. His first outing off the DL before that was great. We can’t be sure what we will get out of him. He escaped a lot of trouble in his last outing. Let’s hope he does better at staying out of trouble tonight.

Well, we need to just keep grinding away. We can’t expect one man to carry the load every night, although several on the team are capable of doing so. We need a good team effort to continue on the winning side. We get that most of the time. Maybe tonight we will get one. It can only continue to get better from here.

Things are probably going to level off some as the team overall has cooled offensively. We have won 3 in a row, but it is after losing 3 in a row. That’s not too bad. If we can gradually continue to climb and move forward, winning more than we lose, we should be in great shape for the rest of the season. We have the team to go all the way if we continue to play up to out potential. There is a long way to go, but things look good so far. We could go all the way! Go Sox!

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