Red Sox @ Blue Jays Game 3 (5-29-16)

The Sox held on to win in 11 innings and salvage the final game of the series. Pedroia came up with the big hit in the top of the 11th with a 2 run double. The lead would hold up in the bottom of the inning and the Sox got the win. Betts went 2 for 4 and scored twice. Pedroia went 2 for 6, scored a run and drove in 2. Bogaerts extended his streak and had an RBI, as did Ramirez and Shaw. Price pitched a good game , going 6.1 innings and giving up 2 on 5 hits. The final was 5-3.

This is the kind of game that is going to get more common as the season goes on and we are going to need good pitching to keep on winning. If we can get quality starts like this from the rest of the staff, most of the time, we should be in good shape going forward. If we fall back to last season’s rut from the pitching, we are sunk for the year. The pitching must continue to be good and it is time for them to step up. They have been adequate so far, but we need them to be good and give us quality, if we are to stay on top.

Well, it’s time to take on the Orioles. Now is the time we need to shine. We have a much tougher time winning this season when playing within the division, but if we can win the majority of these games going forward, we should be fine. We are now only 10 games over .500, but it won’t take a whole lot more to make the playoffs in October. We need to at least stay where we are for now and it would be great if we continue to extend our record.

As I have said, it is time for the Sox to prove they can grind games out and continue to win. There is a long way to go and endurance is the key to staying on top for the long season. The Sox can play baseball and play well, but they need to stay consistent for a long period of time to have a successful season. We will see if they can continue to win going forward. Often teams that lead early in the season fade. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen to us.

Wright will start things out for us against the Orioles on the mound, so let’s hope he can get the win and go above .500 in his personal W/L column. We are sure to get a quality start from him as he has been consistent all season. With him on the mound we stand a good chance of winning, if we give him some offensive support. Each game we win against the Orioles puts us further into the lead for the division.

I hope the team is fired up and ready to play today. Our youngsters will get the job done if they possibly can and will play hard. It is bound to be a good game. I haven’t seen any let up in this team so far this season and I don’t want to see it. They continue to play each game as if it is the World Series.

If they can continue to do that, while grinding away through the season, we should be in good shape come the all star break and beyond. If the Veterans on the team can fully harness the energy and talent of the youngsters, we will do well. Still, I hope they don’t burn out as hard as they are playing and that we can avoid major injury.

The next four games should be interesting and may say a lot how the rest of the season will go. If we can distance ourselves from Baltimore it would be great. Yet, if we can stay where we are and split the 4 gamer, I will still say we are doing well. It should be exciting, at any rate. Now’s the time to step up, men. Let’s go out and get them. Go Sox!

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