Rockies @ Red Sox Game 3 (5-26-16)

The Red Sox got slaughtered last night. That hasn’t happened for a while. We are used to the Sox creaming teams, but last night the opposite happened. The only good thing about the Sox offense was a two run homer by Poppy, his 12th. Bogaerts extended his hitting streak, but Bradley’s came to an end at 29. Bradley hit two long fly balls to center that were caught against the wall, but he went 0-4. Buchholz had another poor performance giving up 3 2 run homers in the 4th and 5th. That was about all it took to take the wind out of the Sox sails. The final was 8-2.

Let’a hope we can shake this loss off and resume our dominant play. Baltimore lost their 4th straight and so we are still 2 games up in 1st place in the division. Toronto, who has won 2 straight finds themselves in 3rd place 6 games back. They may make a run yet. We play them tonight and they are sure to be on the top of their game.

Kelly is on the mound tonight. Let’s hope he can pitch like he did in his first outing off the DL. We should have a good chance of winning, if he has a good night. Toronto can make any pitcher look bad, so we will have to see what happens. We don’t want to lose our 2nd straight, but the next 7 games should be a real challenge for us. We play the Orioles in a 4 game series after the series with Toronto.

We should see soon if we can hold on to 1st place in the division. If we can’t win within the division  we won’t stay on top for long. If we can win both series we will be in great shape to continue into the season. If we don’t, well there’s always tomorrow. That’s one of the great things about baseball: there is always tomorrow, or next week, or next month or even next season, if it comes to that. Meanwhile, let’s stay where we are for now, huh?

It’s too bad Bradley’s streak has ended. He didn’t set any records, but his streak was one of the longest ones in recent Red Sox history and he has the longest one in all of baseball for 2016 so far. He has been hitting the cover off the ball and maybe he can get right back to it. We need him to stay hot, even if he has to start all over with a new streak

So, we need to just move on and forget all about last night’s game. It was a completely forgettable event. As long as we don’t make getting trounced a habit, we should be fine. Let’s just keep grinding away. The end is no where in site, but we will get there. Go Sox!



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