Rockies @ Red Sox Game 2 (5-25-16)

The Sox played another great game last night. They managed 13 hits, which is their 30th game of 10 or more hits, which leads the majors. Shaw went 2 for 4 with a run scored and 3 RBI’s. It is good to see him hitting despite his injured hand at this point. Bradley and Bogaerts extended their hitting streaks and Betts now has hit in 6 straight. Hernandez, who came in for Pedroia about midway through the game, went 2 for 2 and scored twice. Pedroia had a tight hamstring issue that we hope is not serious. Bogaerts also went out of the game early with a cut on his right thumb. Hanigan also left the game due to feeling ill. Let’s hope everyone is healthy for tonight’s game. Poppy also went 1 for 3 and walked twice, driving in 2 runs. The final was 10-3!

Minor injuries are beginning to show up as the season goes on. At least let’s hope they are minor to Bogaerts and Pedroia. We need them in the game. These kinds of injuries will show up all the time as the need for endurance builds, but as long as there is nothing major, we should be fine. Pedroia had trouble with his hamstring last season, so let’s hope it is not an old injury reoccurring. I don’t think we have to worry about a cut on his thumb keeping Bogaerts our for long.

Wright pitched a solid game, giving up the 3 runs in 7+ innings on 7 hits. He finally got some run support as the team has scored the fewest runs for him in the rotation. So, despite his best ERA among starters, he has only a 4-4 record now. He gives a quality start every time he goes our and is sometimes even better than that. Not bad for someone who barely made the roster our of Spring training.

Buchholz is on the mound again tonight. Since we don’t know what to expect out of him, we don’t know how the game will go. The Sox have won 4 in a row now and look to keep the streak going tonight. Let’s hope Buchholz is up to the task

The Orioles lost again last night to Houston, so we are now 2 games ahead of them in 1st place. We are 12 games over .500, which is the best we have achieved so far this season. As I have said many times the sky is the limit and the  team shows no signs of slowing down. We can probably take it from here and maybe stay in the lead in the AL East for a while, if not the rest of the season. On top to stay, perhaps!

The team continues to win at Fenway, but we will see how it goes on the road starting Friday. We will be taking on two division rivals for that next week, so we will see if we emerge still on top of the division. If we can at least split the series with the Orioles we should still be on top. We will see how it goes with the Blue Jays first. Let’s just keep on keeping on.

With things going so well, it is easy to see the Sox going all the way for yet another season. Still, things can change in a hurry in baseball, so we had better hang in there and see how it goes. Barring any major injury, what is to stop us? We keep waiting in dread for the team to slow down but right now there is no stopping them. Like a ball that’s hit deep in the outfield, it could go all the way! All we can do is hope for the best. Go Sox!

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