Rockies @ Red Sox Game 1 (5-24-16)

The Sox won a good one last night. They managed 12 hits again and both Bogaerts and Bradley extended their hitting streaks. Pedroia went 3 for 4 and scored twice; Bogaerts went 2 for 4 and scored twice. Poppy went 2 for 4 and drove in 4 runs. Most of the damage was done by those three although Vazquez, Betts and Young all had an RBI each also. Price pitched a good game, giving up 3 runs on 5 hits and going 7 innings. His Era dropped a little to 5.34. He is giving us quality starts now but is not really dominating as we all thought he would when he signed such a huge contract. He is now 7-1, but only because he gets more run support than any other starter on the team. The Sox had this game all the way. The final was 8-3.

That puts the Sox at 28-17 overall and in first place alone in the division as the Orioles lost their 2nd straight. Good things continue to happen for this team and they show no signs of abating. We continue on in good shape for the future. The best we managed all last season was 5 games above .500. Now we are 11 over and the sky is the limit. We can already say its a better season than last and indeed it is much better.

Big Poppy continues to hit the ball. Right now he is on pace to set the record for doubles in a season. He has 20 already and 11 home runs to go with that. He is indeed working to make this his best season ever since it is his last. Let’s hope the whole team can continue to do well and make it Poppy’s best overall and not just his personal best. We can do it! We can do it! We can do it!

Another stat that is remarkable is that out of the top 5 leaders in the AL for batting average the Sox have 3 spots. Bogaerts is first at .349, Bradley is 2nd at .346 and Poppy is 5th at .333. That is remarkable and it speaks well that the team average is almost .300. This team is scoring more runs in Fenway historically better than almost every other team in franchise history. Only the 1950’s Red Sox had a better average runs per game at Fenway at this point in the season.

The Yankees have won 6 in a row now and find themselves alone in 3rd place, 5.5 games back. It won’t be too long and they will be contending for the division if they keep playing as they have been. Really the division is still wide open as Toronto, in last, is only 7 games back. Starting this weekend it should be interesting for the Sox as they play Toronto for 3 and then Baltimore for 4 both at their respective home fields. We will see who deserves to be in first for the division soon. If we can beat up on Baltimore, we will defiantly deserve to be there.

Well, we need to just keep grinding away. As I usually say, there is a long way to go and it is time for our endurance to kick in. If we can endure through the next 3 months, we should be in good shape for the playoffs. Let’s all just hang in there and keep pulling for our team. Go Sox!

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