Red Sox @ Royals Game 2 (5-18-16)

The Sox lost another close one in the day game of a two game double header yesterday.  Wright pitched another quality game giving up the 3 runs in 8 innings but didn’t get the run support again and took his 4th loss. He is now 3-4, a record that doesn’t reflect how well he has pitched. His era for the season is 2.52

. Young hit a homer in the 5th but it wasn’t enough. It was his first homer of the year. It is good that he is hitting the ball some now as he struggled for the first 30 or so games of the season and really did not hit at all. There isn’t much more to say about this game as the Sox had 9 hits but couldn’t get anybody in. Bogaerts was thrown out trying to go to third on a single by Poppy, that had he been safe probably would have resulted in a tying run. That was the real heartbreak play of the game, but it was a great defensive play by the Royals, so maybe they deserved to win. The final was 3-2.

So the Sox are now only 8 games above .500 and a half game behind the Orioles again. It may stay that way for a while as they now have odd numbered games compared to them.  They need to win the next game and with Price on the hill probably stand a good chance. That is if he pitches up to his potential and doesn’t have a bad game again.

Let’s hope all goes well in the second game tonight as the Sox haven’t been swept in a series yet this season. They don’t want to start now. They take on Cleveland at home starting Friday. They want to be in a good position when that series starts. There is no need to panic. losing two in a row is not that bad. We can bounce back.

Still, the bats have seemed to cool off considerably the past 2 games. The team has managed only 6 runs in the two games and were coming off a stretch where they had averaged over 10 runs a game for 7 games. Let’s hope the bats can get going enough to win as we move forward.

Well, we just need to keep the nose to the grind and keep grinding away. All we can hope for is to win enough to make it to October.  We have a long way to go. Let’s go Sox!


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