Astros @ Red Sox Game 4 (5-15-16)

The Sox had a poor game defensively yesterday, but were bailed out by their offense and still won the game in the end. They committed 3 errors that led to big runs for the Astros and almost lost after leading 8-4. Hanigan had a big night, going 2 for 4 and driving in 4. He seemed to come through when the team needed him yesterday. Poppy had the day off after his big game Saturday. Ramirez went 3 for 5 and had an RBI, scoring once. Bogaerts continues to hit the ball as he had a 3 run homer. The team managed to claw their way back in the late innings again and got the win 10-9.

That brings the team’s record to 24-14 and since the Orioles finally lost, they are back in a tie for 1st in the division. The Yankees also won and are now only a half game behind Tampa Bay for 4th place. They have been playing some good baseball lately and may rise to the top.  Toronto lost and are now 5.5 games out of 1st in third. Probably, the division will tighten up some as we go on and it will be a close race to the end as it was last season. Right now the Sox and Orioles are pulling away just a bit. I think the Yankees and Toronto, at least, will be in the race for some time to come.

We close out the month and begin June playing Toronto and Baltimore for 7 games each. The race may tighten up about that time as we have a tougher time against division opponents than non-division  opponents. So we may split the games against them. Surely, it will be a race till the end.

Porcello takes the mound against the Royals tonight. He should give us a good chance of winning the game. Let’s hope he returns to his early season form tonight and we don’t get more of what we saw last time out for him. He was still pretty good, but not as good as he had been pitching. Hopefully, he can continue to pitch great for the team as the season winds on.

We seem to have gotten out to the fast start Farrell wanted. I hope it can continue. If everybody stays healthy then I don’t see why not. Of course there will be some injury, but if the core of the team stays healthy we should be in good shape. I think the young players on the team will probably be fine, but perhaps Pedroia and Poppy may suffer a little as the games mount up. Pedroia is still pretty young so maybe he can have a good, healthy season for a change. Buchholz is bound to have his problems as he always does and Uehara and Tazawa might show their age as time goes on. Other than that we are in pretty good shape and have a lot of youth on the team. Overall, we just might stay healthy for the duration.

Well, as I say every time, we just need to keep on keeping on and doing what we are doing. Before long, endurance will be a factor and we will see how we are able to grind out victories over the long haul. The season is a long one and has really just begun. He who holds forth until the end will be the victor. Looking at our young team, we probably have a good chance of doing so, but time will tell. Let’s just keep moving forward and take one game at a time. Let’s win tonight! Go Sox!

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