Astros @ Red Sox Game 2 (5-13-16)

The Sox lost a tough one last night. Everybody on the team had at least 1 hit again, except for Holt and the total was 11, but it wasn’t enough. Wright had his worst outing of the season so far giving up 5 runs in 4.1 innings. Then the bullpen (Barnes) couldn’t hold them at 5 and give the Sox the chance to win. Bradley continues to hit well as he went 3 for 4 and Shaw hit a solo home run that left them a run short in the 6th. The top of the order could not come back in the 9th (the team is 0-12 when trailing after 8 innings this year) so the Sox dropped this one 7-6.

It was raining the entire game and this may be part of the reason Wright had trouble. The knuckle ball doesn’t always work well in the rain. Still, we can allow Wright one bad game at any rate. Let’s hope he can get the ball back under control next time out. I would not give up on him yet.

The Orioles won their 6th straight last night so we are now in 2nd place in the division by 1 game. I guess I thought we would go one winning and the Orioles would lose first with the way we had been scoring runs in the last 4 games. I was wrong. In baseball you never really know.

I hope we can bounce back this afternoon with Buchholz on the mound. You never really know what to expect with him on the mound. He has a good outing from time to time,  but he can easily give up 4 or 5 runs in an inning and blow an otherwise good outing. Let’s hope he gives the team a chance to win today. I’m afraid we may be due for a low scoring game on offense, however, so we will see how it goes.

It’s a shame that the team, with as powerful an offense as we have, cannot come from behind in the 9th and win close games. We have not done so even once so far this season. We need to improve in that department if we hope to contend for the division title and beyond. If we can’t mount the offense when we need it and not just score a lot of runs at random, we will lose a lot of games we probably should win. A good offense needs to score runs on demand and not choke every time the game is close. This is a type of slump we are in (losing all 12 games we have been behind in after 8). We need to snap out of it and begin to win games when needed. We don’t have a single walk off win either this season.

At any rate, we will see how it goes today. We need to at least split this 4 game series with the Astros ,so we need to win either today or tomorrow.  We take on a tougher opponent (Royals) next on the road, so we need to come out of this series still semi-hot, at any rate. If we can win today I will conclude that all is well with the Sox. If not, and then we lose again tomorrow, there may be some cause for concern. Let’s hope we can pull one out, anyway. We need some help from the pitching now, so come one guys. Get it together. Let’s go out there and win! Go Sox!

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