Astros @ Red Sox Game 1 (5-12-16)

Wow! The Sox did it again. They are really rolling. They stomped the Astros last night in another great offensive game. Price had a good game for a change, too, as he struck out 12, gave up 6 hits and only 1 run in 6 innings.  Betts got a single in the first and then Bogaerts hit a homer to get the ball rolling right away. 10 players had hits last night as the Sox managed 14 hits overall. Ramirez had a good game going 3 for 3  and Betts also had a 3 run homer in the 6th. The offensive onslaught continues as the Team rolled to an 11-1 victory last night.

It is really something to see everybody on the team hitting well at the same time. Everybody who had an at bat got at least one hit last night except for Rutledge and he only had 1 at bat. The Sox have scored 51 runs on 62 hits in just the last 4 games! What an onslaught of  offensive production. Let’s hope they can continue to do at least half as well because that is probably all it would take to win ball games.

Unfortunately,  as the Red Sox have now won 5 straight, the Orioles have as well, so there is still a tie for 1st in the division. Toronto in 3rd and Tampa Bay in 4th have both been losing lately, so the two at the top are pulling away from the pack a bit. They now lead by 4.5 games over Toronto. The Yankees have been doing fairly well recently and may soon find themselves out of last place. Things are shaping up well in the division. Now if the Orioles would just lose one so we could take sole possession of first place.

It was good to see Price pitch well again (I still can’t find a picture of him in a Red Sox uniform). Pedroia studied film of him pitching and noticed a few things about his delivery that was different from a couple of years ago. Price made some adjustments in his delivery to make it more like it had been in the past and the result was that he had more velocity on his fastball and pitched much better overall. Let’s hope this can continue. Pedroia has done this with other pitchers in the past and his suggestions seem to help. He is a baseball genius, I think. He will make a great manager or coach some day.

Meanwhile, he continues to hit and play an outstanding 2nd base. He got charged with an error last night but it was questionable. He would have had to make a great play to make the play he missed and he just happened to flub it for once. He has only 2 errors so far this season, I think. His batting average is up to .306 and he seems much improved over the past 2 years. While he still played well, then, he seems to have taken it up a notch this year since he is healthy and without hand and wrist issues now.

The team batting average was .293 coming into last night’s game, which is tops in baseball so far. Wouldn’t it be something if the team average could reach .300. The way they are hitting, it could happen. Bogaerts and Bradley are close to the top in the AL with .331 and .328 respectively. I would like to see Bogaerts win the batting crown this year as he came in 2nd last year. It would be nice to see Bradley win it too from his number 9 spot in the order. I like to see someone from the bottom of the order getting on base as he has to set the table for the top of the order. A lot of runs are scored that way.

So, the Sox are playing great baseball right now. Tonight Wright will take the mound and I’m sure he will give us a good chance to win. He hasn’t had a bad game yet this season and has an era of 1.52 which is best on the team. Not bad for someone who had to work to win the No.5 spot in the rotation during spring training.

We must wonder what is going to happen once Kelly and Rodriguez come off the disabled list. Surely they won’t send Wright down. They should probably put Kelly in the bullpen as I think he may be better suited there anyway, since he has trouble pitching in the 4th and 5th innings usually. They should put one of the starters in the bullpen. Don’t know which, but I don’t think it should be Wright.

Well, let’s just keep on keeping on and wonder if the Sox can continue their unbelievable offensive play much longer. What ever happens, I hope they can continue to win and contend for the division lead. We shall see what we shall see. For now we can only say: Go Sox!

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