Athletics @ Red Sox Game 3 (5-11-16)

Another rout for the Red Sox. How about that Jackie Bradley lately. Last night he went 3 for 5 with 6 RBI’s again. He hit two homers, a three run in the 2nd and a two run in the 8th. He is really hitting lately and proving, as I predicted he might this season, that he can hit big league pitching. His average is up to .322! He is doing great of late. Pedroia hit another homer as he has been doing on a regular basis lately. He now has 6 for the season as does Jackie. They are both on pace to hit 25 or so for the season. Vazquez had a good night with the stick as he went 3 for 5 and scored 3 times. The offense was spread out again, between the top and the bottom of the order with the middle not doing much. It was another good offensive game. The final was 13-3.

Porcello pitched an average game for him, giving up the 3 runs in the 2nd and 3rd innings. He now goes to 6-1 on the season and has pitched well overall for the team. We could use a whole rotation of pitchers like him. If we had them, we would be doing great.

Price is on the mound for us tonight. We don’t know what to expect from him. It will either be 6 runs in 3 innings or 0 runs in 6, or the like. We could get either Price against the Astros tonight. The Astros should give us more competition than did the A’s, so tonight we will have a game. Let’s hope we can continue to hit. We now have 21 games of 34 that have had 10 or more hits by the team.

Our record continues to climb, but unfortunately so does the  Orioles as they have won 4 straight also and remain in a tie with us for first in the division. One of us has to lose sometime, but this back and forth between the two teams could go on a long time, especially if both teams stay hot. Second place is 4 games back (Toronto), and the Yankees are 7 back in last place. The division may or may not be as tight as last season. It is early yet and we don’t have much of a lead. However, we may be beginning to pull away from the middle, anyway. We will see.

Right now, we as a team and as fans need to focus on winning one game at a time and let the rest of the season take care of itself. If we can keep plodding along as we have been, then we don’t have much to worry about as far as overall results go. Let’s just enjoy the show while the team is hot and not be too depressed should fortunes turn around on us before too long. Let’s enjoy the moment and let the future take care of itself. Still it’s fun to speculate and imagine: what if…

I say let’s just keep winning and we shall see what we shall see. If we are winning most of our games we can’t go wrong and I think this team can do it. The sky’s the limit this year! Go Sox!

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