Athletics @ Red Sox Game 1 (5-9-16)

The Sox routed the Athletics last night. How about that Jackie Bradley, who had 6 RBI’s and a grand slam. The Sox trailed 4-1 after 3 innings, but had a 6 run 4th and then continued to pile on the runs the rest of the way. They had 15 hits,which was their 19th game out of 32 that they have hit 10 or more in a game and it is the most in the major leagues. It was a team effort again as nearly every player had at least 1 RBI. Buchholz did not have a good game as he gave up 4 runs on 6 hits in just 3 innings, though he did manage to get through the 5th with that score and got a win (his second). I was a little concerned that they gave up 7 runs overall, a trend that I hope will not continue, but the final was 14-7 so I guess it can be over looked in this case. 

Tonight another rookie will be on the mound for the Sox. Sean O’Sullivan may be an improvement over Henry Owens, but he may not. That remains to be seen. The Athletics are also starting a rookie but he is a left hander, so let’s hope the Sox can hit him. It should be a good match up, but I don’t know what to expect of O’Sullivan. We shall see what we shall see.

Ortiz continues to hit. He had 2 doubles last night as did Shaw. I really like to see Ortiz slug away and the team needs him to hit like he is most games. He has won several games for us so far this season and has carried the team when others were struggling at the plate. He will be sorely missed next year. Though the Sox may be able to bring in another slugger,  he will probably not be of the caliber of our Big Poppy.

We are now in a virtual tie with the O’s for first in the division as their game got rained out last night. So, we should go head head with them for a while. If all goes well we should be able to stay either in first or a close second. It should be noted that we are playing a lot of teams either at or below .500 in winning percentage. I hope we can continue to win once we play some of the better teams. We did beat the White Sox  2 out of 3, so that may be some indication that we can hang with the big boys. We will have to see how our record holds up as the season progresses.

If we continue to hit the ball and score runs like we did last night, we should continue to have a winning season. I keep expecting the bottom to fall out of things, but I should not be so pessimistic. So far so good and perhaps it will continue. I know we have shown that we can play well. If it continues all the good. The past two seasons we really unperformed below our capability. Let’s hope we continue to play as well as we are able this season and don’t fall off into under performing again.  Let’s keep the ball rolling! Go Sox!

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