Red Sox @ Yankees Game 3 (5-8-16)

The Sox won a good one last night. They hit 4 home runs. Poppy hit 2 (he is up to 9 on the season), Pedroia hit 1 and Bogaerts hit his 2nd. That was a different way of scoring for the team as all the runs were scored via the long ball. Wright pitched an excellent game going the full 9 innings and only giving up 3 hits, one of which was a homer in the bottom of the 9th. He almost pitched a complete game shutout, but you could tell he was tired by the end of it. So, the Sox avoided being swept but lost 2 out of 3 to the Yanks on their home field. The final was 5-1.

The Sox are now 18-13, a half game out of first in the division. We are in pretty good shape, but a lot may depend on how we do this week, as we are taking on the Athletics and Astros. Oakland, at least has a  near .5oo record and Houston is 12-20, so on paper it looks good for us. Still, they are both tough teams and we will have our hands full playing them. Let’s hope we can come out of the week at least in as good as shape as we are now.

Buchholz is on the mound tonight. I hope he can pitch like he did in his last start, but we never know what we are going to get from him. Still, I look for him to have a stretch of at least several games during which he pitches well. Maybe now is the time. We will be facing Gray, who has pitched well at times for the Athletics. If he has a good night we may have a tough time hitting him. We shall see.

All in all, things are going well for the Sox this season. If we can continue as we have been, we will be getting off to the fast start Farrell envisioned for the first 45 games or so. I think we have gotten off to a good start already and just need to keep on keeping on to come out on top come October.

Poppy, as I’ve said before, seems to want to make his final season one of his best ever and if he continues to hit like he has so far, we should be in good shape for the duration. The Yankees showed signs of coming out of their slump in the first 2 games of the series, but were confounded by Wright’s knuckle ball and so may fall right back off the wagon again.

They are in a position where they could still come from behind and contend for the division. It should be a good race with all teams in the AL East contending until late in the season. Let’s hope we can come out on top instead of being dead last as we were the past 2 seasons. I think things are different this year and I can’t see us falling down the rabbit hole of a major slump that bad. We should be in contention come October.

Comparing the stats for Boston pitching this year, Price has the worst ERA amount starters unless you count Kelly whose is almost 10 and whom we haven’t seen pitch for a while. How’s that for a 4.17 million dollar player? He has got to get it together and soon.

He can’t continue to pitch so poorly. We have a 7 year contract with him. Let’s hope he is not one of those players that is a star anywhere else, but then comes to Boston and does awful. That does seem to happen to quite a few players. Maybe Price can snap out of it soon

Well, it’s back to Boston for a home stand this week. If we can win most of our games we will be doing fine. It is important to win at home as it is a little more difficult for most teams on the road. I think we have a better record on the road so far than at home, however. Maybe we can turn this around this week. Let’s hang on and continue on our ride, which has been a good one so far. We’ll hang on till the end! Go Sox!


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