Red Sox @ Yankees Game 2 (5-7-16)

I am officially worried about David Price. He pitched only 4.2 innings and gave up 6 runs on 7 hits in a rout at the hands of the Yankees today. He actually has one of the worst, if not the worst, ERA of all Boston pitchers and he was supposed to be the Ace that rescued the starting rotation this season, but somebody needs to rescue him. We can’t win very often with that sort of starting pitching and couldn’t overcome today. The final was 8-2.

That’s two loses in a row and we are in danger of being swept by the Yankees, who we swept just last weekend. Perhaps the Yankees are coming out of the funk they have been in offensively, perhaps we owe it all to poor pitching, but they sure looked good today and made us look awful. We need to bounce back in game 3 or next week may be a long week.

We play Oakland for 3 and then Kansas City for 4 next week. These are two tough teams and we had better be at our best. Coming off a 3 game sweep by the Yankees is going to make that hard to do. That’s why a win tomorrow is essential. We need some momentum going into next week so a decisive win is in order. Let’s hope we can get the pitching and also get the offense, which has been held to 4 runs total the past 2 games, rolling again.

I hate to say it again, but we need to forget the first two games of the series and come out firing tomorrow. I hope what we are not seeing is the beginning of a pronounced slump, but let’s stay positive. We are still 17-13 and in a good position at this stage of the season. Like I said about last night’s game, we don’t want the Yankees to push us into a downward spiral that might end up at the bottom.

That is still a fear we fans have since the season is too young to fully establish how the team is going to perform overall this year. It has been a while since we lost 2 in a row, so let’s shake it off and win one tomorrow. Wright, who has the best ERA among Red Sox starters takes the mound, so if we can get the bats going he should give us a good chance to win the game.

Let’s win one for Big Poppy and get him going again, so that he can throw off the bad feeling over last night’s umpire fiasco. We’ll deal with David Price later. I keep expecting the later to improve and begin real pitching like the rumors say he can. We haven’t seen it yet, but he has to improve doesn’t he. Can he really get any worse? Anyway, Go Sox!


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